We are currently using the Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 Customer Service wherein we are using the Unified Service Desk Reference Data Customizations and are moving the customizations related to it. Currently we are moving the Unified Service Desk Reference Data through the Azure Dev Ops Pipeline since we manage 8 environments and require to keep the USD Reference Data similar across environments.

Currently we are using the Azure Dev Ops On Premise Pipeline to move the data but since migration to Dev Ops Cloud Platform and updating the Power shell CRM SDK in the Azure Dev Ops Custom Task we are observing an issue in Unified Service Desk wherein the Icons next to the panel in USD are replaced with Hex Code for the icon.

We had raised a Service Request to identify the exact issue but observed that when we try to import the same CRM USD Reference Data File using the Configuration Migration Tool it worked correctly and populated the images correctly. But when the same file is getting imported using the Azure Dev Ops Custom Task which consists of the Power shell Script it gives the issue in USD Image.

We would request the Product Team to look on the possibility to fix the same as managing the multiple environments for the USD Reference Data manually across the Environments seems to be risk worthy as it will include the manual intervention of importing the files.

We were also suggested to use the Power Platform Build Tool Tasks for moving the USD Reference Data but there is a limitation with it since it does not allow for any configuration to manage the Ref Data to be deployed over all environments in the Pipelines.

Considering the Production Environment we won't be allowed to make changes to it manually and hence were considering the automated way which was working for past 3 years and suddenly has stopped working or malfunctioning.

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for the idea. There are no new feature investments on USD and we recommend existing customers to plan to migrate to Customer Service Workspace (CSW) app, which is a web based app with OC and unified routing supported. Our future roadmap and investments are targeted at CSW for all agent/supervisor experiences specific to Customer Service. 
Migrate to Customer Service workspace | Microsoft Learn

For any questions, feel free to reach out to Fast Trach or Customer Success teams.