We frequently make use of the 'StyleExpr' property to colorize an ENTIRE row on LIST pages. This makes it really visual to the end user if a line needs action / is blocked / is selected / is expired / what the status is / ...

The developer is now forced to set the StyleExpr on any column, which is fun if the page has lots of columns. If a new column is added, it is often forgotten to apply the same StyleExpr. However, if the end user / consultant will use the webclient 'Personalization' mode to add field, these fields would not be formatted at all.

Would it be possible to add a 'StyleExpr' property on row level (e.g. on the 'Repeater' control) as well? If no StyleExpr is set on the individual control, it would inherit the StyleExpr from the parent group. This would save us some time and newly added columns would benefit from it automatically.

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 Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap. 
Your help is greatly appreciated, 
The Business Central team



Can we also add some more style options. There are only limited colours. The Yellow (Ambiguous) is fine on a cue but hard to read as text and too close in colour shade to the green. Its is annoying that you can have italics in red but not green for example. If you are showing lines that's are favourable/unfavorable it looks odd if one is in italics and one isn't.

Category: General