Procurement and sourcing> Catalogs > Vendor catalogs
When adding a new vendor catalog the search vendor account function is not very user-friendly.
When you have multiple vendor accounts with the same name, but with different vendor groups and other setups then you do not see which vendor account to select.
The system only shows the party ID which does not say much.
Additional vendor information fields should be added to make the search better.

Procurement and sourcing> Catalogs > Vendor catalogs
• Add New catalog
• Drop down on vendor
• Start search on name
• Begins with e.g. "Ilab"
• 3 vendor accounts are there: which one to select?

Customers need to be able to select vendor group DO and/or other field data that is not visible in the search.

Thank you
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Appreciate you taking the time to submit the product suggestion. We will monitor the votes and other feedback to consider in future backlog.