D365 enables the users to create a sales order of type "Sales order", though the order customer is blocked for invoicing.

If the sales order is created with the type "Journal" and the user changes this type to "Sales order", tehn D365 throws a warning and claims that the sales order is not saved. If the user tries to save the sales order again, then no warning is thrown and D365 saves the sales order.

IDEA: This functionality shall be modified:

If D365 claimed that the sales order has not been saved, then the original content of the field "Order type" has to be restored, so that the message is thrown again.

Additionally, a message needs to be thrown about the blocking status of the customer, if the user starts the creation of the sales order from the menu option "Accounts receivable\ Customers\ All customers", in menu ribbon, tab page "Sell". Currently, no message is thrown if the sales order is created from this start point.

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