Dear Microsoft team,

is this demand going to be delivered in a realistic time line?




Reitzel Groupe


This is a special scheme very common for retail or businesses with ecommerce need and selling across other UE countries.

It is a special scheme for the UE that allows taxable persons to declare and pay VAT due in Member States in which these taxable persons are (in general) not established via a web-portal in the Member State in which they are identified (Member State of identification).

It is very common requirement from customers that would be great to fulfill out of the box as it is also globally an option for all the UE


Plataformas_OSS.pdf (agenciatributaria.gob.es)


I would say default from customer but overwritten by Jobs Setup --> Components @ Location

Also needs to DEFAULT from Job Header --> Task --> Planning Line


REMARK: Example public institutions, forbes, aeronautics, t-mec vehicles, pandemic production...


Desired. In relation to that, when working with the newer features on quality control combined with WHS-processes, it should be possible to only test the first license plate for the PO or load. When LP number on item sampling is set to 1, each LP is put into a quality order for testing. When you set a larger number, you may end up with no testing at all when you receive less than that number of license plates. Which is absolutely not desired.


Also post go live when (RMA) returns need to be created manually for orders that have been shipped and invoiced from legacy systems it would be very helpful to be able to record the same price and discounts conditions as on the original order. Now customers need to calculate the net. price manually and use this in the unit price field.


In addition to this request, in the Activity Log screen, the user information in the activity log of the portal is shown as Unknown. 

Would it be possible to display a value in this column that would allow us to identify the user? It would be helpful to be able to identify the user who performed the activity.


This gap have been filled since it's now possible to chose if the timeline display extended activites or only the current record


In the real world, this change happens all the time. A much needed feature for BC.


A distinct planning unit of measure, much like sales UM and purchase UM, would be ideal.

I have a database full of finished good items with a base UM of 'case' and an each UM that is some fraction of a case and where those fractions are repeating decimals it's a constant problem.

The planning worksheet should look at the Production BOM UM and not the Item Base UM.