Suggested Wed, 14 Jun 2017 00:52:02 GMT by DANIEL WESTLAKENew
Category: Client-Side Programming

 All my custom Actions are available via the SOAP endpoint, and as we know that endpoint is deprecated.  

However, some of my custom actions are and some are not available via the WebApi.  It seems that some set of condition based on input/output parameters disallow use of the action via the WebApi and can be verified by looking at the api/data/v8.2/$metadata.

Please either make them all available or publish some guidance to let us know what conditions would cause the action to be excluded from the WebApi.

Please refer to the following blog which seems to describe the exact issue: http://butenko.pro/2016/09/23/action-not-available-webapi/


In my specific case (this time) I have a Targeted Action on Cases with no input parameters and two output parameters, an EntityReference and a String.  Attempting to consume this via the WebApi produces the following error, "Request message has unresolved parameters".  I've encountered this issue on multiple occasions and always have to waste time devising some clever/less than ideal workaround. 

Comments (3)
  • Seems to be now resolved in the v9.0 release.

  • Seems to be now resolved in the v9.0 release.

  • This is very much needed enhancement