Clarification, this warning should at least trigger when you extend a table and that table already has field defined with the same caption class.


In Business Central lines can be ordered in Rapid Start packages. Well it's more like ordering the columns of the included fields but I do like the look and feel of the actions. Everybody understands the move up and move down actions. Maybe ordering lines in documents could be done the same way.


😬 I was trying to replicate that I didn't have permission to file an idea and then suddenly it went through 😱

If I had the option to remove it I would... Until its get removed you will find me in the corner of shame...


With correct info:

TableName SchemaName rows TotalSpaceMB



This would be so helpful for our team. We are used to documents autosaving with OneDrive and so have lost many emails due to them closing out the tab without saving.


Duplicate idea in separate category.


Between the 2 ideas it has ~80 votes at this point.


Need this on other input fields/controls as well.. textbox, etc..


Yes please! This is a basic functionality I think all companies would benefit largely from!

The same goes for setting default Lables, Buckets, Sprints, Conditional Coloring, etc.

It would be super nice if Microsoft could update and put effort into the Project Tasks in the new Task tab of a project. We would really like to be able to customize some fields, add other Project Tasks related fields and set default values for project creation.



Same here: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=e89a4c00-b787-ee11-a81c-000d3a00d421


This is a common requirement coming from customers who have warehouses in EU Countries. They have a separate VAT Registration No. in say if they have a warehouse in France, Germany, Austria and UK.

From each of these warehouses they would be doing regular sales and purchase transactions as well as transfer goods between these warehouses.

The transactions which they would do in EU Countries would be in EURO. However, the transactions they do in UK would be in GBP. Further, if the company is primarily registered in UK, the base transaction currency of the company would be in GBP. Whereas from the warehouses in France, Germany and Austria the base currency would be EURO. Data for filing VAT Returns in France, Germany and Austria would be required in EURO.

Finally, if we can also provide ability to file VAT Returns from each of these countries that would be bonus.

After filing the VAT Returns, VAT Settlement would need to be done. If data can be filtered by different VAT Registration Nos. that would be excellent.


Krupesh Daiya


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