Another related idea link to resolve issues within Advance bank reconciliations.



Microsoft product team must fix the FCR situation report to show incorrect exchange rate when doing cancelled/revered FCR.


The LCS link here: https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details/?bugId=864682&dbType=3


Totally agree that this would be a huge benefit to be able to access generated reports quicker than thru the User interface. Our users have approximately 25 reports to include in a monthly reporting package and it takes about 1 minute per report to print to PDF--very inefficient use of time.


Not having all attachments flow to the posted invoice is non-intuitive to the user and not only leads to more time tracking down where the attachment is located, but can also result in a loss of documents if a partially invoiced PO/SO is deleted.

I believe this is a major flaw within BC since it creates scenarios where many documents can be unintentionally deleted without an organization even aware of this 'hole' within the BC attachment process.


We definitely need this improvement. All attachments should flow to the invoice even on partial receipts. This should also occur on the sales side as well!

We store all relevant external documents directly in BC. It has caused a bit of confusion within our company on partially invoiced documents on where to look for the attachment. Most folks expect it to be on the invoice, but all attachments except the last attached are still on the PO/SO. Not to mention that if a partially invoiced document (SO or PO) is deleted, the attachments are also deleted. The way this works is very unexpected and folks may end up losing documents because of it.


Consider that the "auto charge" should be applied during the invoice process, after the "arrange" is executed; indeed, the invoice is subjected if the total tax base amount of specific sales tax codes exceeds the threshold.


It would be great if we can use the "company and fiscal year" scope for tax book section sequence number.

This will automate the need to start from 1 on the next fiscal year and, how is often used, to change the year included in the format.


Not necessarly on sales order but while creating the warehouse pick document.


RFID tag can be encoded using GS1 encoding and D365 supports GS1 multi tag codes with multiple mapping per mobile device menu item (GS1 policy).

If you could use the multi-scan page proposed a few years ago, but never used in the standard, to store all the RFID tags read and then send them one at a time to the right menu item, it would be almost feasible...

All tags include on the RFID tag can stored in different parts of the combination item/dimensions like batch, serial, license plate... and so on.

If we have all the tags mapped, we could potentially also print the RFID labels directly using Zebra printers that support it.

So, I think we are not that far from the goal... although it seems that MS doesn't believe so much in RFID integration...


Daniele Perin

SA, Avanade


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