same idea: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=1bc2e4eb-d20e-ec11-b76a-0003ff458e61


it's gonna be available on september release :



This is a development that was frequently requested by users in AX2012. Very useful to distinguish between entities and inter-companies, in multi-company environments


We need to have full width emails, attempts to edit the html and remove all width styling have been unsuccessful and is too difficult to train users on if we can get it to work.


Sales Order:

Currently the field "list code" is only available in the Sales Order Header.

The solution would be to have it in the Sales Order Lines. Then the list code could be assigned to the individual delivery addresses per line.

Regards, Caroline Juszczak


It is a simple setup to change. But a quality of life addition that enables customers that use a lot of quotations to skip a customization for this.


Hello Shalabh Jain,

Do we have an update on this idea ?

It would be very much appreciated to know if we can hope for any improvements on this topic.

Thank you very much for your feedback,

Best regards


This should be basic functionality, because there is no save button!

Either make it possible to be able to choose the read-only mode by extension or create a setting for this as Martin suggested.


I agree - even if it is a different segment type B2B marketing and the ability to send an email to the Business is important whether B2C is the focus or not.


I think this is a regional requirement for the USA.

Other than the USA that has many, and frequently changing rates, no other country I ever implemented in had the same scenario and the same business need.

For tax rates that may change (maybe) once every 5 years, there is no need for online rate provider.

I implemented so far VAT/Sales tax in North America, Europe, South East Asia, and ANZ - none of them had any requirement coming even close to requiring a "rate provider"


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