Very good idea.


The restriction on our version of Dynamics 365 is Segoue UI and size of 9 which is intolerable and unreadable for many people. If the idea is to have a uniform font and font size for an organization, then allow the administrator to select a font and font size that the organization agrees on. Microsoft should not dictate a stylistic option for a paying customer.


Thanks for posting this Charlotte!

I agree with you.


Dear MS Team,

The improvement should be done in this process as at the requisition level requester don't know who will be supplier for the material it is procurement team who selects the supplier and there will be various currencies depending on the supplier country.


I have an OnPrem customer with this issue. Is there a plan to put this feature in place for OnPrem?


Our account timeline is super congested and it's extremely difficult for our sales & service teams to find former records quickly.


Hi Maciej,

I would not use files in the AppPackage - what if you need to change the configuration? You need a new App Version on the AppSource..

Have you thought about using Webservices? So you can change the configuration file content on your server / Azure Storage without no problems.



I think by implementing this without a toggle microsoft are causing issues. I am interested if other users have tested wave 2?

My view which i emailed through:

I do need to challenge the described logic and please pass my direct feedback to the Product Team. If there is a more formal way you would like me to pass it on, please let me know.

The request itself from the customer in the URL provided showed they wanted a Y/N toggle. They are simply trying to fix an issue where if they go in to correct a booking that has failed from 2 days ago or was not completed by the Resource 2 days ago when they should have completed, they didn’t want the end time updated to current time. That is where the schedule board looks incorrect and invoicing is incorrect. That small % issue is fixed with this change. 


However I believe by not introducing the toggle as requested, Microsoft have fixed 1 minor issue, and introduced several usability issues and taken away something that was working perfectly.

I expect once other customers realise how this works in PROD, they will complain.

If a work order is completed earlier than planned, the schedule board still has the work order going over the original time. Same if a work order takes longer than planned.

Invoicing would also be incorrect.

I strongly believe Microsoft have misinterpreted the idea from the customer and are introducing more issues than they are solving. The toggle is the key and it was not introduced with the change. Below is the original post I can find for the idea.


This is an issue for us to, our manufacturing process always ends with a part pallet (LP), the next day we would report as finished the quantity required to top up the previous date pallet but we can't use the new batch number because of expiry date differences and we can only have one label.

So we need to essentially move the quantity only from the new LP to yesterdays' part pallet to get a full pallet but use yesterdays batch number.

At the moment we need to do a transfer journal daily to do this transaction and can't be done by the operators in WHS App.


When setting up a scheduled Report, it would be great to be able to define multiple recipients. This would be both for internal users, and external users.

  • Internal: (Scheduled Report to internal user group)
  • When setting up the scheduled Report, the USER or Admin would have the ability to select specific BC USERS, or BC USER GROUPS (e.g. East Coast Sales Team)
  • These scheduled reports would have an option to be emailed to the address on the BC USER account, or delivered to each users BC Report Inboxes.
  • External: (Scheduled Report to External email addresses)
  • BC Administrators would be able to set up a Scheduled report to external email addresses via email.
  • Specific security roles to allow the sending of scheduled reports to external email addresses.
  • External email addresses could come from BC Contacts (Whitelisted emails)
  • There are scenarios where the external email address is really an internal email distribution list for company employees who do not have access to BC or simply want their reports delivered via email (e.g. Sales Team, Executives, Accountants, etc.)
  • One or many external email addresses (Contacts) can be added to each job.


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