• Integration with Microsoft Social Listening


    When integrating a Microsoft Social Listening Dashboard, the Default Time frame applies but shows irrelevant data: when applying by default Last Month time frame (greyed value), it shows Last week data.

    Could you resolve this ?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,


  • Yammer integration


    I am concerned about how easy it is to promotre Salesforce Chatter within CRM context, compared to Yammer.
    I have seen it as a user and the Enterprise Social Network is a real productivity tool when properly used.

    Yammer is hard to demo and end users don't understand the added-valued of having yammer feeds into the CRM. It is hard to promote and brings confusion when explained during a Dynamics CRM demo.

    Whereas in the past I used Salesforce CRM with Chatter and this Enterprise Social Network is a real Accelerator for user adoption. Yammer would be stronger when it is associated to the CRM+Outlook (wich are daily productivity tools).

    Can you provide demo environnement including Yammer integrated to Outlook online ?
    Thus we could show the real added values : to communicate CRM Contextual messages.
    1. Messages to another CRM user becomes an e-mail -> the recipient do not need to close the CRM and open Outlook to write an email,
    2. E-mail received with the yammer feed can be replied directly, it also enables to open the related item into CRM -> no need to open the browser and look for the related item.
    3. The feed is archived alog the item within the CRM, and not stored (and lost) into a personal mailbox

    As we can't show Outlook integration during a demo, Yammer can't be sold !

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Pierre-Olivier Pujol

  • Field Service - Customer Business hours

    When planning for resources intervention, it would be nice to take into account the Customer usual opening hours and closing. In many cases it is known because it is a frequent customer .

  • Rolling territories in resource planning

    A company needs Field Agents to work on a territory during a period. The planning is known in advance and workorders can be planned only in on this timeframe. Examples: On week 1, Resource A is covering Territory 1, 3 and 5 / Resource B is covering Territory 2 and 4. On week 2, Resource A is covering Territory 2 and 4/ Resource B is covering Territory 1, 3 and 5.