• PO Entry lookup to Receivings

    From the PO Entry window it's not possible to see what has been received and/or invoiced on the PO. Add a lookup to the menu or button that would display and allow drill-down to any related shipment or invoice documents posted against the PO.
  • Remove SSRS update from GP Utilities upgrade path

    This has bothered me for years. When you upgrade GP using GP Utilities it automatically attempts to update SSRS. If you happen to use SSRS but don't want the standard list of GP SSRS reports watch out! The only solution I've found is to remove the GP SSRS reference path and restore it after the upgrade. It would be much easier if the SSRS update was it's own option on the GP Utilities menu - like creating the sample company or updating forms and reports. It would also be nice to know what Utilities is doing in this step and have more control. Once it's done upgrading company data and starts on this task all you see is a blank GP Utilities window until it's done. When it finds something it considers an "error" and can't deploy the reports I've had to resort to terminating GP Utilities, as clicking Cancel causes it to keep trying. If you have multiple companies this becomes a tedious set of clicks to bail on the process. It's simply easier to kill it.

  • SOP Tax Roll Down options

    There is a "Tax Roll Down" utility that has been available that changes the behavior of how tax schedule changes are handled in a SOP transaction. I cannot determine if this utility has been or will be updated to GP 2018, as this is functionality we require and we are in the update process. It is not clear to us why the function in that utility would not be available in GP. Therefore we ask that the behavior of sales taxes in SOP be enhanced to include the functions in that utility. This may require selecting options in SOP Setup to enable the feature. See: TechKnowledge Document ID:34567