• Purchase Order Ship To Default

    Allow PO Ship To Address ID to default by User. For a company with multiple locations it would be helpful to set the PO Ship To address by the employee entering the PO's.
  • Purchase Order Buyer Default

    Allow the Buyer on the PO to default from the user entering the PO.

  • Purchase Order Bill To Address Default

    Allow the PO Bill To address default to be set as required from Company addresses. This could be in PO Setup or in Company Setup, whichever is easier.

  • SOP Document Association - Master Number update

    Allow SOP Documents to be associated manually via the Master Number. We have a document chain, say Quote to Order to Invoice, then sometimes this chain needs to be broken. When we enter a separate document that needs to associate with an existing document it would be nice to be able to do this. I understand these documents associate by way of Master Number, and this number is visible in the document expansion window in SOP. It would be nice to be able to change this number to group documents as needed.
  • Clearing JE - ignore accounts without balance

    We have clearing entries that involve a large number of accounts. If any account in the clearing entry does not have a balance in the period being processed the entry will fail. Change so clearing entry ignores accounts without a balance.

  • HRP - Life Insurance Premiums Table needs 5 decimals.

    It is essential that the Life Insurance Premium Tables allow up to 5 decimals, to comply with the rates as set by insurance companies.

  • Use Tax tracking in PM/POP

    We need to track our purchases that are subject to Use Tax. This is not possible and the tax features in AP add the tax to the amounts owed the vendor. The Use Tax is an amount we owe the tax authority for our purchases, not the vendor. It would be much simpler if we could somehow flag or tag invoice amounts or POP items that are subject to use tax.

  • Update eConnect

    eConnect is an essential tool for integrations to Dynamics GP. Please enhance and add to the target object set for new features and functions added to GP. This tool has not been enhanced for a long time.
  • Cancel/Void POP Shipments not Invoiced

    We have many shipments that have not been invoiced and never will. These build up over time and are very difficult to remove from the system. A process to void these would be very helpful.
  • Fix Home Page Bug

    Something happens in GP where users are no longer able to customize their home page. I believe this problems stems from missing records in SY08100. When missing records are restored the user can customize the home page again.