• Can we have a System Indicator in Business Central?

    We have a client that has over 80 companies and one group regularly needs to switch between seven companies. It is essential for them to be able to quickly tell which company they are in. The BC Web Client shows the company name on Role Center and List Pages but does not show it on Card pages. There also does not appear to be any way to change colors or offer any other visual cue to help people to see which company they are in quickly. Can I suggest we include something within the UI that will show the system indicator. Here is my mockup of what it could look like (See https://github.com/Microsoft/AL/issues/3184 for screen shots.). You could use the existing system indicator settings on the Company Information. It would be really, really nice if you could add the ability to set the color instead of picking from a set of pre-canned styles. A combination of a selectable tint color (like in Reporting services where you can pick from a list of names or enter an RGB value) which would replace the default Teal, and displaying the company name in the title bar for all page types would be perfect.

  • Ability for Consultants to Login and Test Per Teant Extensions with real data and Extensions

    We need the ability for our consultants to test modifications (either a per tenent extension or a pre-release AppSource app) with a copy of the production system that includes both production data and any other extensions that exist in the production environment. This could be either by allowing the create Sandbox in Saas to create a second sandbox with extensions already applied with a free login that our consultants can use, or create a “backpack” we can download and install in a docker contain that contains a copy of data and extensions.