• Allow Activity Feeds post content to be searched

    When users create posts on the Activity Feeds wall (personal or record wall) or comment on the posts, it would be very useful to be able to perform a Quick Find search on the post content.

    It is difficult to encourage users to contribute posts or comments on the wall if they can't use any search criteria to retrieve past posts from others or even themselves.

  • Editing Subject field value on Case form is very tricky / CRM 2013

    After you save a value into a Subject field on a case, it's very difficult to change the value to something else. There is no icon for opening a dropdown menu of the values and clicking on the field will open a modal dialog window of the Subject record itself. Only after going through this mistaken click is the user able to reveal the icon for opening and navigating the subject tree values and updating the field. The only other option seems to be to click a couple of pixels wide area just at the beginning of the Subject field, without hitting any of the texts from the value that is currently populated for the field.

    Please provide a feature similar to the standard lookup fields for opening the subject tree value selection menu for a non-empty Subject field.

  • Set "Do not allow Bulk E-mails" fields searchable by default

    One common search criteria that users who build Marketing Lists for email campaigns should always include into their Advanced Find search criteria is the "Do not allow Bulk Emails" flag on contacts (donotbulkemail). For some reason, this fields property "Searchable" has always been set by default to "No" in Dynamics CRM. This means that before any real campaign target groups can be built in the CRM organization, a user with system customizer or administrator rights needs to go to the Customizations area and change this field to "Searchable, Yes".

    I've never understood why the default setting for this particular contact permission field has been designed to hide it from Advanced Find. Permissions for all the other channels (postal mail, phone call) are by default searchable. Please harmonize the standard configuration of these fields by also making the bulk email permission field easily available for the end users who need to manage marketing lists.

  • "Open in Excel Online" does not honor format settings, corrupts data during import

    In CRM 2015 Online Update 1 when the user clicks "Export to Excel - Open in Excel Online", the contents of the CRM records view is not shown in the same format as specified in the CRM user's format settings. Instead the Excel Online window always uses the US format. Changing the user settings in Office 365 user profile doesn't seem to have any effect.

    While viewing this data in Excel Online the wrong formats are mainly an inconvenience for most users. However, if the user makes modifications to any cell values and tries to import the changed data or new rows back to CRM, this will cause incorrect data to be entered to CRM, or alternatively import error entries as CRM will interpret the values in the format set for the CRM user, not the ones that Excel Online has used for constructing the import file behind the scenes.

    For example, if I have an entity with a date field and a record that has June 1st as the value, this will show up as "1.6.2015" in the CRM UI, based on the Finnish format settings. When I open the same records in Excel Online, the value will read as "6/1/2015" based on the US settings that are applied there. Now, if I want to set that date to today's date, which is June 14th, I'll need to change the value to "6/14/2015", following the US format. When I then try to save this data back to CRM, this record will not be imported, as CRM will interpret the value as "6.14.2015", which is obviously not valid since there isn't a month to match the number 14.

  • Provide "Copy Record URL" feature in addition to "Email A Link"

    Sending another CRM user a link to a specific record is a very common use case. There used to be a "Copy A Link" feature to take the current record URL to clipboard, but it was IE dependent and is no longer working in most scenarios. There is the "Email A Link" button on the Command Bar, but this opens an unnecessary draft email in the default email client if you would rather be wanting to add the link to an existing email message, share it via IM, post it on Yammer, include it in OneNote etc.

    Although the clipboard may no longer be available, all we would need is a modal dialog window that shows the record URL in an easy to grab format. You know, like the Chrome CRM DevTools add-in by Sonoma Partners already does (picture attached).

    This would certainly help in reducing the number of times users mistakenly grab the URL from the browser address bar, as they are mislead by the "main.aspx#903434344" to thinking that it's a unique link to the specific record. Ultimately, having that visible URL be the actual "short URL" for accessing the currently open record, view, dashboard etc. would be the best solution, but a simple modal window would go a long way in improving the system usability for sharing record links.

  • Activities created via Social Pane should have Regarding field populated on Create event

    When an activity like task is created from the Social Pane on the parent entity form, the system does not populate the Regarding field upon the first create event of the activity. Instead you can see from audit history that there's a second update event on the activity right after create, in which the Regarding field is filled with the reference to the parent entity.

    This is a problem if you'd want to have a real-time workflow run right after a user creates a new task from the Social Pane. The workflow logic cannot reference any fields from the parent entity - or even be aware of for which entity the task has been created in the first place. Automation of any follow-up actions from the activity create event is therefore impossible, since it would only work in scenarios where the user creates the activity from the normal list view (even Activity Associated View), but not the Social Pane.

    In my opinion, functional differences like this should not exist for a very core feature of a CRM platform, i.e. managing communication and actions towards business records. Especially when the platform contains a prominent yet uncustomizable UI component like the Social Pane.

  • Allow Activity Feed Post create via Microsoft Flow

    You can trigger a Microsoft Flow from Dynamics 365 Command Bar and create various posts, like messages in Microsoft Teams. Great! It would be really convenient if we could also replicate these messages as native Activity Feeds Posts inside Dynamics 365 database, thus directly visible on the entity form. Unfortunately the Flow connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement doesn't expose the Regarding field when trying to define field values in the "Create a new record" step.

    Please expose the Regarding field for Microsoft Flow. Since Activity Feeds are still very much present in V9 Unified Interface, it doesn't look like there's a plan to deprecate them, so fully supporting them as a mechanism for status updates related to business records would be very welcome.

    Flow says No