• Units and conversion for Physical Dimensions and weight

    there is a special need for having different weight and length units on the Released Products level (Released Products / Manage inventory). The products at some customers are very light (Inventory Unit pieces and Pairs, stockings weighing 20g) There is a big demand have separate units.
    D365 itself has no unit on those fields and Microsoft is currently not planning this functionality.We should have the possibility to chose the unit for the weight and dimensions on the item sheet and on the packing list for both side purchase and sales.


    On the item sheet the fields unit would be required for the weight measurement and for the physical dimensions

    In the parameter of account receivables and account payables, the default unit for packing slip would be entered

    On the packing slip/ Product receipt the unit is defaulted from the parameter, but can be changed.

    The default weight and dimensions are defaulted from the calculation from the item sheet and the unit conversion. The weight and dimension can be manually overwritten.