• No edit of Budget revision amount with entries in details

    On original Project budget when you have lines in 'Details', the field 'Original budget' is greyed out because the lines in details populates the total showing in field 'Original budget'.

    However in Budget revision you are able to edit field 'Revision amount' when you have lines in 'Details'.

    There should be a parameter to control if the user is allowed to edit 'Revision amount' if there are detailed entries, in order to ensure that detailes are used. Now the revision amount can be different from details and therefore can be out of sync.

    This issue was reported as a hotfix request, but did not meet the bar for a hotfix.

  • Line discounts on project item transactions and project invoice

    There should be line discounts on project item transactions and project invoice in order to invoice items with use of projects item transactions. You often invoice item transactions which originate from project item journals and project purchase orders instead of using a project sales order.

    You have trade agreements with discounts, and use for example both retail/sales orders and projects to deliver/invoice items to the customers. But since discounts are not fully supported in project module, then you need extra manual work to support both scenarios.

    As-is there are discount fields on some project business documents, but you need discount fully implemented on all documents in order do fully support discounts in same way as using standard sales order, including transfer from project quotation to project. For example there are now no discount on item requirement, WBS, project invoice report, project adjustment etc.

    There are also different behaviour when discount is used as-is, either the net amount is reduced with discount or the unit sales price is reduced with discount on the project item transactions. It should be consistent with net amount reduced with discount, with discount field in addition as on sales order. I have submitted this to Microsoft and it has been postponed - LCS link: https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/NotFixed/1187145?bugId=3838627&qc=80d1139efec6e5968deca0fc4bae275f16a19c67ad29f3682eafb8d8f3ceeec2

  • Vendor Invoice Automation with PO

    On a PO invoice usually the only reference you have is a PO number, and you do not have any detailed information which is currently needed with import of PO vendor invoice lines. This results in that you have to provide the most pertinent information with data provided from operations in order to import the invoice using Vendor Invoice Automation.


    There should be support for wholesale defaulting of PO lines to invoice lines or product receipt, in this way there could be minimal invoice information and you do not need to access Operations data in order to do the import of the invoice.


    In addition there should also be a function where you can create a purchase order from the imported pending invoice, and also a form for vendor invoice lines that failed to import (similar to existing 'Vendor invoices that failed to import')




  • Project - WBS: Re

  • Work breakdown structure: Relation between category on planning with corresponding hour estimate line


    There is always created an estimate line with the 'Category' on the task (even if 'Effort (hours) is 0.00), and the 'Category' on the task is mandatory.

    When you make changes on the task on 'Scheduled planning' and you existing hour estimate lines on 'Estimated costs and revenue' with different categories in addition to the automatically created line, then the hour estimate lines are deleted and replaced with a new single line with the main category on the task.



    We should have a link between the automatically created hour estimate line and the task. If there are other estimate lines with different category from the task when changing any on the task, then this line should be updated with the changes and the other hour estimate lines should remain as before.

  • Project Budget Balances - include all transactions for budget categories in consumed

    If you add a category to budget when you have previously posted transactions with current category, the previously posted transactions will not become part of Project Budget Balances.
    The transactions will show in Unbudgedet Costs until approval of category in Budget/Budget Revision, but they will be removed from Unbudgedet Costs upon approval of category.

    When you are revising the budget and add new categories, you will not now see the correct status in Project Budget Balances, because the previous posted costs are not included. Since the previous posted transactions are removed from Unbudgedet Costs, then the transactions should become part of consumed costs in Project Budget Balances.