• CRM 2011 Outlook Client - Ability to re-order Navigational Areas

    Currently, there is no way to order the navigational areas in the Outlook client. The order in which the Nav Areas are arranged is Alphabetical. I have not found a way to set this order in the SiteMap XML file. The entities ordered within these areas are listed correctly, per the SiteMap, but the Areas cannot be modified.

    This creates an inconsistent user experience between Outlook and Web users, and throws off many people who use both (as I do).

  • Click Behavior of Navigation Buttons in Outlook Client

    In the CRM 2011 Client for Outlook the click behavior for the navigation buttons is different than in the web client whereby:
    1.) You click on a navigation button such as "Administration"
    2.) In the Admin area, you click on the Security Roles button. The Security Roles view appears.
    3.) You go back to the Left Nav area and click the Administration button again.

    You would expect the Administration area would refresh, taking you back to the root menu. Instead the button does not refresh the area. You need to click another Navigation button, which takes you out of the area, then click the Administration button again to bring yoyu back to the root menu.

    It would be nice if clicking the button again would refresh the area the way the Web Client behaves.

  • Add Ribbon UI to Facilities/Equiptment

    Facilities/Equipment is a customizable entity-- which is great-- but it uses the old-school toolbar, which does not allow us to develop custom ribbon buttons to trigger custom code against this entity.
    Please add the Ribbon UI to this (and all the other old-school entities) entity.

  • Allow Facilities/Equipment to be ""Checked-out" and "Checked-in"

    This requirement has come up a few times now. Consider the following scenario:
    1.) A Resource requires Equipment
    2.) The Resource is Scheduled to be taken somewhere off-site
    3.) The User returns from the Service Appointment, but the Equipment needs to go in for Maintenance or repair.

    In this scenario, once the Service Activity is completed, the Equipment is listed as being available for Scheduling, even though the Equipment is physically unavailable.

    It would be great if you had the ability to Check-out/Check-in Equipment so that it can be removed from the Resource Group until it is checked back in. Currently, you can not even Deactivate a Facility/Equipment record.

  • Queue and Queue Item do not support Preview Pane in Outlook

    It would be nice if you could have the Preview Pane enabled for Queue Items.

  • Quick Create Activity tile does not open Quick Create form

    If you create a Quick Create form for an Activity and enable the entity for Quick Create, when you click the Activity's Quick create tile, the Quick Create form will not open. This is true for the Activities Pane, Subgrids, etc.

    This feature should be added to allow users to use the Quick Create forms that are available for these entities (both system and custom Activities).