• Expose the "Include" filter on Account/Contact Sub-Grids

    It would be very useful if the Sgvbub-Grid views for Accounts also had the "Include" filter for Related records vs. This Record Only.

  • CRM 2011 - Additional Filters on Entity Attribute view

    It would be nice to be able to filter (or configure additional views) on additional criteria in the gird view for entity attributes:
    Req Level
    Data Type

  • CRM 2011 Outlook Client - Ability to re-order Navigational Areas

    Currently, there is no way to order the navigational areas in the Outlook client. The order in which the Nav Areas are arranged is Alphabetical. I have not found a way to set this order in the SiteMap XML file. The entities ordered within these areas are listed correctly, per the SiteMap, but the Areas cannot be modified.

    This creates an inconsistent user experience between Outlook and Web users, and throws off many people who use both (as I do).

  • Improvements to icons and the ribbon

    I know this is nit-picking, but some of the 'older' CRM icons have been resized to fit the 'newer' icons in the ribbon. since these were resized as oppsed to re-created, the resolution makes them appear fuzzy or out-of-focus (icons like "Add Note").
    Also, there are several areas in the application where the old toolbars appear in lieu of the ribbon. This makes the UI inconsistent and naggingly off-balance.

    I know, yes, it's a small thing, but y'know... worth mentioning.

  • Xrm.Page.data.entity.getIsDirty(); returns unexpected results

    The following script does not return the correct results unless 2 fields on a given form have been modified.
    If only one field on the user form has been modified, the results come back as false:

    var isFormDirty = Xrm.Page.data.entity.getIsDirty();

    This bug has been reproduced in more than one environment.

  • Better Functionality to Update System Messages

    Currently, the only bulk-updating tool available for customizing system messages is the option to revert all of the system messages to their default values-- which is nice.
    However, updating 90-100+ messages with multiple custom values, 1-by-1 is a tremendous time-burgler.
    I'm sure someone will release a nifty tool to handle this, but in the meantime (and between releases) we will lose countless hours (not to mention nodding-off while doing so) and have many fights with our fellow consultants over the rules of "rock-paper-scissors" until this tool is released.

    Please bake this into the next release.
    I'm not good at Rock-Paper-Scissors...

  • Allow Team Ownership of Workflows

    There are 2 advantages to this:
    1.) Allows multiple Users to work on the same workflow without having to assign/re-assign
    2.) Give team-specific access to the workflow (same as user-specific access)

  • Customization of user interface UI style ( branding, themes, header)

    In 4.0, even though it was not a supported customization, Organizations had the ability to perform some rather spiffy customizations to the CRM Banner. In fact, many organizations (especially those I work with in the Public Sector) see the banner as their own personal brand (similar to the way SharePoint sites are branded). In CRM 2011, since the banner area has been reduced, this decreases the ability to "Brand" a customized CRM system.

    It may not seem like much, but this was a HUGE "Wow" factor in 4.0 (both in pre-sales and in the implementation itself), and this has been significantly redacted in CRM 2011.

    Two suggestions:
    1.) Perhaps add an option in the System Settings Area to display a custom Banner and allow us to upload one as a Web Resource. Thus if we choose to display a Custom Banner we can select it from a Web Resource lookup.
    2.) If this is too involved, perhaps simply increase the height of the banner and allow the option to collaps it the same way you can collapse the Ribbon.

  • Custom Composite Lookups (multi-relationship in 1 lookup)

    As we move away from traditional CRM and further into xRM, we need some additional functionality to support multiple custom entities being treated the same as traditional Customer entities, namely the ability to combine OOTB system entities with our own custom entities to allow for multiple Multi-Type lookups.
    This additional functionality should permeat all areas of the product, such as Advanced Find queries, workflow, email templates, direct e-mails, etc.

  • Click Behavior of Navigation Buttons in Outlook Client

    In the CRM 2011 Client for Outlook the click behavior for the navigation buttons is different than in the web client whereby:
    1.) You click on a navigation button such as "Administration"
    2.) In the Admin area, you click on the Security Roles button. The Security Roles view appears.
    3.) You go back to the Left Nav area and click the Administration button again.

    You would expect the Administration area would refresh, taking you back to the root menu. Instead the button does not refresh the area. You need to click another Navigation button, which takes you out of the area, then click the Administration button again to bring yoyu back to the root menu.

    It would be nice if clicking the button again would refresh the area the way the Web Client behaves.