• Allow blocked items to be hidden in item lookups

    Customers could have thousands of items with some "blocked" when they are no longer used. However, those blocked items still show up in lookups when adding items to Sales Invoices which makes the list of items much longer and causes confusion as to what items are actually available. We should either not show "blocked" items since they can't be used or allow the option to hide blocked items from the Inventory look up.

  • Have a 3 Check Per Page option for printing checks

    Many customer require their vendors to implement sustainable practices, such removing wasted paper...we would like to see an option to bring check/check/check so we have an option that doesn't require a stub.

  • Suggest Line from Time Sheets in Job Journal missing options

    When in a Job Journal you can Suggest Line from Time Sheets which lets you specify certain Options, however, you cannot specify what the Line Type is or Document No., so once all the Time Sheet data is entered you need to manually set the Line Type to Billable, for example, and then set the Doc No for EACH line.  It would save time to be able to set those 2 options in the Suggest Job Jnl. Line Options.

  • Have a way to import Item images

    Currently we can't import in images with items in Dynamics 365 for Financials so the process currently is to open every item and then the image can be imported.  The following suggestion was made on Forums:
    If we can have a folder in OneDrive specifically for images, so we can put images with the Item Number as the file name and then it can match it up if it finds inventory with the same name, if no inventory with matching name it would take the images and move it to a rejected images folder, of even generate a log of the matched and rejected.

  • Need ability to Import Dimension Values

    There currently is not a way to import in Dimension Values. In the Dimensions window you can set up your Dimensions, and you then click Dimension Values to enter all possible values for the Dimensions and users would like the ability to import these Dimension Values somehow.  In the Dimension Values window the Edit in Excel does now allow one to add values, there is also not an option for Dimension Values in the D365 Configuration Package, this is where I would expect it to be available to import, but nothing is available here.  Please add this functionality.

  • Print Reports for all Dimensions not just 1 and 2

    There have been numerous requests to be able to print reports based on more than just Dimensions 1 and 2, please consider adding additional Dimensions to the printing of reports

  • Ability to import Bank Reconciliation values from Excel Spreadsheet

    As a backup to Yodlee and ADP, we have a request to have a basic Excel Format to allow import of Bank Reconciliation information if needed.

  • Enable Configuration for CRM Integration

    Customers are using the CRM/Financials integration, but they would like the ability to configure these integrations...partner is requesting we add the enable configuration for the CRM Integration

  • Ability to undo or voide a Bank Reconciliation

    If someone uses the auto match and doesn't catch an incorrectly matched transaction and posts the Bank Reconciliation there is no way to undo this. There needs to be a way to void or undo a Bank Reconciliation in a Saas environment.

  • Need to be able to enter a Resource on a Sales Quote, Order, or Invoice

    Please add the ability to enter the type of Resource to Sales Quotes, Orders and Invoices