• Gift Card TopUp Should Not Reduce Stock

    While Doing Gift Card TOP UP, the stock is getting Reduced which is difficult to track the actual Stock of the Gift Card.


    Only for New Gift card sale the stock should be Reduced and for every Top Up of the Gift Card the gift card stock should not be Reduced.


    Regards/Balaji T.K

  • Purchase In Active / Sale In Active - Based on Attributes

    For SKU's we have Various Attributes Like Brand / Product / Classification Etc.,

    How to Make the Purchase / Sale and POS Active or In Active based on Brand or Product

  • Customer GST Number in POS

    Need Provision to Capture Customer GST Number in Point Of Sale, by the Showrooms.

  • Promotion Scheme Based on Selling Price

    For Electronics Retailing in India its paramount important the Promotion Scheme should be Based on Selling Price.

    Eg. I can auto add in POS a Free Gift Item Code Based on Selling Price for a set of Item, with 10% discount and if the discount is more than 10% the Free Gift Item Code should not be added for the Main Item.