• IV00101 Item Master - Add UserID to table

    The Inventory master table has created date, modified date, but lacks user who created/modified. This is a very helpful field when investigating who created or edited a record without going to full access logging.

  • Allow paste of space padded data into SOP Document Enquiry To / From fields

    When working with Excel or SQL query results in SSMS or data obtained from the Dynamics GP database in many other ways, the data is usually space padded due to CHAR fields. Copying and pasting from grids like SQL server management studio results grid etc into GP will copy, say, the sopnumber including spaces. Attempting to then paste such fields into the form GUI fields such as the SOP Document Enquiry To / From edit boxes, for example, does nothing as the field length is too large for the field, hence the paste fails. Paste that value in a text editor, take spaces off the end, copy back into the clipboard and then paste is then allowed. This is time consuming and very common frustration when working between GP and other data sources. Yes it is possible to RTRIM() all the CHAR field data extracted from GP, but in reality this doesn't happen when ad-hoc querying the database and often with data linked reports in Excel. Finding a way to RTrim pasted content in such fields would remove a long lived frustration for many many users.
  • Increase the Numeric Range of the Weight Field in Item Maint (IV00101)

    0.01 -> 9,999.99 -is the current range of numbers permissible in the field. If you sell diverse product from nuts and bolts & tiny washers that are less than a <1 gram, up to big wooden reeled telecoms cable reels the size of a car that are 1,000kg =1,000,000 this gives you a problem. There is not enough range in the numbers to cover them. I know the example looks extreme, however this is like less than a gram to 9kg, this is not a big range. The alternative work around of being forced into extender or modified window fields for a basic attribute like this seems overkill.
  • Make access to the "ribbon" native to the GP Visual Studio Addin SDK

    The ability to add custom buttons to forms programatically using the forms ribbons should be supported in MS GP addins, as should be access to the GP menus. Although there is a 3rd party solution to allow access to the menus, it is a big omission from base functionality in my opinion and I have not seen solutions for access to the ribbons. Using modifier to place extra action buttons to forms is not really an option since the version of GP where the ribbon was introduced. It does not work well with the different ribbon modes the user can select, nor is it good for web client. Native access to create and handle extra ribbon buttons should be added to the SDK for Visual Studio Addins.
  • Allow "jumping" to the transaction entry screen from selected document in Enquiry

    Use the GOTO buttons (as in item card) to allow users to jump to SOP Entry from the selected document in the SOP Document Enquiry Window (assuming the entry window is not populated). We introduced something similar and it is one of the most used features we have implemented. Could work for other enquiry screens to transaction screens too.
  • Sales Document Detail Enquiry Zoom - enable copy of field values

    So many times i see a user drill into the SOP document Enquiry zoom, then drill into look at the quotes and orders/ invoices related to the document in question, by expanding the document number field to open the Sales Document Detail Enquiry Zoom, then they almost always want to view one of the related documents listed there (the whole reason to go in that window). Both the Master number field and the listed document numbers in the grid are not "copyable" into the clipboard. There is no way to click and copy the document number into the clipboard to paste it back into document enquiry to lookup the document. Instead I see users scribble down the number on paper or on a sticky note on the other monitor then type it back into enquiry screen having closed all the windows back up. Would be great to either have a GOTO jump link from those document numbers, that pre-loads the SOP document enquiry window with the master number or document number selected (depending on context) and calls re-display, allowing the user to efficiently check through the hierarchy of documents. Or even simply the ability to copy them, via a copy button on CNTRL+C or some solution.