• eCONNECT for Bill of Materials

    Have eConnect methods to create and populate bills of materials.
  • eConnect to create SOP to POP link

    Have an additional eConnect method that will create the link between a sales order and a purchase order. So you use eConnect to create the sales order and the purchase order now we need one more method that will create the records in SOP60100. You can pass down the SO and PO numbers and this will find the lines and the headers and populate SOP60100. The current method does not behave this way.
  • Batch checkbook transactions

    Every module in GP allows for the batching of transactions except for bank transactions. It would be very helpful, especially for companies that process hundreds if not thousands of batch transactions per month to be able to batch these transactions and print edit lists prior to posting these transactions.

  • Sales Document Inquiry Allow Selection of Sort Options

    When performing an inquiry by item on the Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry Window it would be helpful to allow the user to pick a sort option. Options could include date, customer or document number.