• Search Lookup in CRM Outlook client dropping search value when switching views

    We have noticed that when using the Search dialog to lookup a record in CRM in Outlook (from e-mail or Outlook item), that if a search value is specified and you search results, and then need to switch views (search in diff. context), that the search text is cleared - having to type in again.

    This is functioning differently than the Web Client - which works as desired - which will retain the value recorded in the search when switching views in the lookup and researching.

    This is very problematic for our Sales staff who rely on the CRM Outlook Client.

    It would be nice if the CRM Outlook client worked same as with the Web client.

  • Using Get Products in Quotes producing error - Expected 'SafeString' data type for 'name' parameter in 'Request.QueryString'

    This error is occurring when the Title of the Opportunity associated with a Quote has a 'less than' (<) in it (e.g. Opportunity Title = 'Opportunity for sale - customer with < 100 employees').

    It does not matter if the Quote title has a 'less than' (<) symbol, only if the opportunity linked (source) to the quote has it.

  • Add 'Get Products' functionality to Opportunity form

    It is a simple request, adding Get Products is a great feature for the Quote, but it would be really nice on the Opportunity form as well.

    Additionally, with use of business rules, the user experience of building a quote could start with providing pricing. Building the pricing could be served up through the Opportunity if it had a Get Products function (as is available with Quotes) from a previous sale or configured opportunity with selected products.

    Then, if the potential client is satisfied with what is offered, then a Quote is created (which carries over the selected products and totals).

    Essentially, having 'Get Products' makes just as much sense on the Opportunity form as it does on the Quote form.

  • Change Quote form to actually substitute (replace) product in list when substitution selected

    One would expect that when using suggestions and choose a Substitute, that it would actually substitute the product already listed with the quote (for substitution). Else, at least highlight the products in question (that may be in the grid together) so end-user knows they are substitutions to one another and to delete one of them.

  • Modify behavior of in-line quote product select/suggestions grid to reveal more of the Product Name

    Since the form seems fairly rigid (not customizable), it only seems geared toward quick edit of qty/discount. The problem is that the product name length is too limited.

    Suggestion - Why not offer a 'simple view' toggle, so that one could just review the selected products, qty, discount and amount (drop off space for base amount, suggestions, properties, etc.).

    This could be used for quick review (so one can actually see the name of the product) and clean up (such as to delete).

    OR, instead of having everything cramped into one line, list the Product Name, Properties, Price Per Unit as one line, then in a second line (tabbed over), show the Qty, Discount, Extended amount, etc.

    The main issue is that the Product Name length is way too short.

    Alternatively, just make the grid properties (on the form) allow for expanding to use more horizontal space, providing preference to the account name to extend longer).