• Provide eConnect functionality to Void debit memos

    The taRMVoidTransaction schema allows for voiding Credit Memos, Returns, or Cash receipts on the receivables side. It does not, however, provide functionality to void a debit memo. On the SOP side, eConnect provides the ability to void Invoices. It would be helpful if eConnect also provided the same Void functionality for the Debit Memo document type in receivables. Currently, eConnect lacks this functionality. Thanks!
  • Fix the RM Inquiry (by customer/document) windows

    With the initial release of GP 2018, opening these windows attempted to return all receivables records (work/open/history). For GP customers with larger datasets, this did not scale and the application would remain unresponsive until all of this data has been inserted into a temp table on the back-end. As of GP 2018 R2, this problem still existed. These windows clearly were not tested with a large data-set. With dictionary version 18.00.0672, this problem was partially corrected in that the action of opening the window did not attempt to return an unnecessary amount of data. The UI does still give the end-user the ability to request unrestricted data, by allowing the window to remain empty, and selecting one of the new sort options. Please fix the window so that the sort options are disabled or not functional without the restriction of a customer number or document number.