• Enable data entity identification driven by application UI

    The idea is to make the identification process of which data entity to be used for configuration easier by, letting the functional user identify configuration areas from the application UI using the same application menu item names. Behind the scene, have the data management framework do the heavy lifting of identifying the corresponding data entities that must be used to configure the chosen configuration(s).

  • Flow/Logic app triggers for D365FO

    Have the ability in the D365FO flow/logic app connector to register for callbacks when certain events happen in D365FO. Events can be defined by the users in D365FO which will be exposed in the connector for registration. When the specific event happens in D365FO, D365FO callsback into the connector thus, triggering the flow/logic app. Sample events can be, "When a PO is approved" or "When a vendor is created" etc.

  • Inbuilt test framework in data managment

    Have test automation/test execution framework built into data management to make it easy to test various data management scenarios in non-production environments. Functional users can declaratively define new tests in the framework and get them executed in an automated way. Implementation teams can create their own regression suite to validate their extensions and if needed, even out of the box data entities to ensure validation completeness. Scenarios supported should encompass DIXF, BYOD and integrations.