• Security Role Creation – Edit in Excel

    Ability to restrict user access to “Edit in Excel” functionality – i.e. a user with D365 ACC. PAYABLE needs to be able to create new vendors/edit vendors in the application from the vendor list page, but may/may not need access to edit the entire vendor list by default.  Permission to access this function should be segregated for data integrity purposes.   Since there is no other way to manipulate data in Excel, there is a risk to a user leveraging “Edit in Excel” to extract data for analysis, and that user then has access to update that entire vendor record list. 

  • Export to Excel

    Recommendation to add “Export to Excel” as core feature to all page layouts (consistent with Dynamics NAV 2017).  This is one of the key selling features that is repeatedly messaged regarding Dynamics products: that users have access to the familiar “Microsoft feel”. In Dynamics 365 for Financials, it is clear Finance users want access to data to model, analyze, and aggregate without entering an “editable” worksheet.  This is helpful for AR Customer reconciliations (export Customer Ledger Entries) or exporting the working items related to an Invoice to export Invoice Line information.  Additionally, this is valuable once a list of Posted Sales Invoice OR Posted Purchase Receipt documents is filtered, to export the filtered set for ad hoc analysis/reporting.

  • Lines Select Option from Chart of Accounts - Account Schedule Edit View

    Need the ability to select multiple lines from the Account Schedule List in Edit View and Delete -- this is needed when creating the Account Schedule to be able to remove un-needed accounts in a set.  

  • Horizontal Scroll for Config Package Screens (specifically Gen. Journal Line)

    When working with a client we processed multiple imports for the Gen Journal Line table when migrating historical data.  The client decided to restructure the level of detail they were exporting from QuickBooks and bringing in to D365.  As such, we did the import through the config pack so the data could be manipulated between the systems.  When working through errors, it was very difficult to move through errors, records & content with the lack of a horizontal scroll bar.  We were able to use tab // shift tab to move through the page, however this is not efficient.