• Sort "Category" Alphabetically in Smartlist Options window

    The current Category drop down list, which lists all of the Smartlist Objects, is currently sorted some way other than alphabetical or by parent product (i.e. in the order you see them grouped in Smartlist itself). My suggestion is sorting it alphabetically by Object Name. My alternate suggestion would be sorting it by parent group (Product/Series) then by Object Name so that at least the order would be apparent to those looking at the list. Jen

  • Allow dashes again in Fixed Asset IDs

    Years ago the dashes were allowable and then they were not, and I'd love to see the dashes made "usable" again. Many customers (and my existing company now) used dashes as separators in Fixed Asset ID naming and now pre and post the GP version where that changed, they have a horrible, non-sortable list of Asset IDs, some with dashes and some without. Dashes are still possible when creating assets via eConnect but not in the UI.