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      Increase lenghts Units of Measure Description field

      Suggested by Christian MaskeNew 0
      Category: Inventory

      The length of Description field in the Units of Measure page is now only 10 characters, and that is too short for our needs. We need it to be at least 20 characters.
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      Report inbox

      Suggested by JUAN MEGIASNew 0
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      When I program a report to execute at night, it get into report inbox. When I try to open the file (word or pdf) it does not open.
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      Expand External Document No. on Sales Header

      Suggested by Christian MützeNew 0
      Category: Sales


      we ran into an issue with the field length of the External Document No. (Field 100) on the Sales Header table within a Multi Tenant environment for a live customer.

      The length of 35 is not sufficient for their business. They would gain more from a length of approx 60.
      We would therefore like to suggest, to review the idea to extend the field length of this field to a text50 or text60 as we can't extend it via extensions right now.

      // Christian
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      How do you view a Customers History

      Suggested by Alex WhitehandRejected 0
      Category: Sales

      I can only seem to view Customers accounts showing balances that are outstanding. I need to view all prior history including thoes invoices paid and their payments / Credit Notes.... any ideas???
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      Enable deletion in Item Category page - Dynamics 365 BC

      Suggested by Pieter van HalderNew 0
      Category: Data Migrations

      Currently it is not possible to delete Item Categories.
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      Suggested by New 0
      Category: Purchasing

      We need to send out batch invoices from the system, but there is no way to send out individual pdfs to each contact email address when we make a payment. This is quite a basic functionality that is available in most other systems, it would be great if this could be implemented.
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      Display company name on all pages

      Suggested by Rejected 0
      Category: Financial Management

      There are quite a few pages in the web client where you cannot tell which entity you are in unless you search the URL (even there it is not clear). Could the company name be displayed on the black bar at the top of the screen? We have 7 companies to move between routinely and posting in the wrong entity could cause us major issues.
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      Error- Edit Excel Business Central

      Suggested by victor gonzalezAccepted 0
      Category: Data Migrations

      We have the field NAME 2, on the customer list. When we try to Edit in Excel, the field does not appears to edit. We need to have every fields on Excel.
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      Copy Item

      Suggested by David EmbretsenNew 0
      Category: Inventory

      It would be a really nice feature to be able to copy an existing item when creating a new item.
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      Change invoice Send From email address to email address different from Office365 primary email address

      Suggested by Erik SnyderNew 0
      Category: Sales

      When I create invoices in Office/Dynamics365 I don't seem to be able to select one of my account email aliases as the send from address. Everytime I select send from address it wants to me to log into a different Office 365 account. We have several business names with different domain names and websites that we all run through one corporation. We want the invoices to be branded with each "sub company" logo and appear to come from branded email address even if they all go into the same inbox.