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    Dynamics GP: HAve Safepay file pull name of employee used on the payroll check, not from employee master

    Suggested by Cheryl WaswickNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    In the past, there were complaints about the Safepay file pulling the vendor's name from the vendor maintenance card, and not the actual name used on the check. So in GP 2016 R2, we added a new feature to now store the check name in the Payables table (PM30200.VNDCHNM) and directed Safepay to pull from this field instead of the vendor card. (but only was for PAYABLES checks.)

    Now we are having the same issue with PAYROLL checks, and the actual name used on the check is already stored in the payroll table (UPR30100.EMPLNAM) so half the work is already done. However, the Safe pay file is still reading from the Employee maintenance card and not pulling the actual name used on the payroll check. (This affects more than just employee's with name changes, because GP only prints a middle initial on the check, and the Safe pay file will pull the full middle name from the employee card, so can be a mismatch on many, many payroll checks.)

    Can you also direct Safe Pay to pull the employee name from the UPR30100 table for payroll checks, instead of the employee master record? Or have it truncate the middle initial just like it does when actual payroll checks print?
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    Have the ability to enter originating Intercompany transaction and see the proper MC symbol

    Suggested by Deseree KrummNew 1
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    Currently, you do have the capability to enter an Intercompany Transfer in Originating currency, but when you view the transaction in between originating and functional views, you are not seeing the proper currency symbol, even those the amounts are correct for the proper currency. We would like the ability to see the proper currency symbol in either view.
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    Vendor Deferral Profile

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    Add the ability to assign default Deferral Profiles to Vendors
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    Fixed Assets - Add reference to transaction in FA00902 table

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

    Currently there is no consistent key between a Fixed Asset retirement and/or retirement and the G/L posting table FA00902.

    This means that in reporting, particular when trying to follow the G/L from the subledger, there is no way to properly link a retirement and/or retirement to the date that transaction was posted to G/L.

    A very common request for FA reporting is a schedule of transfers in/out & retirements over a period. This is currently (GP2018) impossible to do without a better link between the FA transaction and the GL posting table.

    A column like "Source Document" in FA00902 table that referenced RETIREMENTEVENT or TRANSFEREVENT could be a start. If a company were posting in summary instead of detail... Another table that links transaction to GL posting batch would likely be needed...

    Once linked to FA00902 table, adding the G/L posting date to the transaction inquiry would make sense as the G/L posting date appears on just about every other transaction inquiry window in GP...
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    Decimals from 5 to 2 on workflow approval emails

    Suggested by Mark MullerNew 9
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    Currently workflow mails show amounts to 5 decimal places and this is difficult to read and work with. Decimal places should be either 2 decimal places or pick up from the currency setup.
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    Workflow Lookup to a specific OU

    Suggested by Kayla SchillingNew 0
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    Please allow the ability to target a specific OU for Workflow AD lookups so we can speed up the time it takes to lookup AD users.

    This is currently affecting items such as processing batches that need approval (GP is locking up while looking for who to route to), the ability for approval via email (Web services is timing out), and setting up the workflow.
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    Fixed Assets - Drill-Back on Asset ID - All Windows

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

    Please add the drill-back ability to all windows where 'Asset ID' is listed and currently not active for a drill-back. With all other modules/windows, you can simply select the master record (vendor, customer, account, etc.). With Fixed Assets, you cannot in most windows which is disruptive for end-user processes and experience.

    Asset Inquiry
    Asset Book Inquiry
    Book Compare Inquiry
    Financial Detail Inquiry
    Depreciate Asset
    Asset Book
    Asset Account
    Asset Insurance
    Asset Lease
    Asset User Data
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    Simplify Send to Email in GP

    Suggested by Gareth LloydNew 0
    Category: System

    The whole Send to Email functionality in GP is complex, not well documented and there is room for a lot of improvement. Due to the complexity and lack of documentation it takes a long time to troubleshoot these issues for what is a basic feature.

    If I can setup a printer to send PDFs via SMTP in 5 minutes, why can’t I do this with GP?

    There are so many dependencies to get Send to email to work (not all GPs fault) however what is in control of GP is the documentation, functionality, error reporting and notifications.

    1) If you use Exchange Web Services to send to Email then you lose the ability to send PDFs.
    2) If you use MAPI to send to Email with PDF you are forced to use Office 32bit (MAPI limitation) however almost everyone is forced to use MAPI because of the inability for Exchange to send PDFs.
    3) No SMTP support? It is standard practice for Printers to send PDFs by SMTP, why is SMTP not supported in GP - this would remove the dependency on MAPI and 32 bit Office.
    4) Notifications are poor - Emails are marked as sent successfully when they leave GP, if there is an issue with your template the email will fail to send but you will get no error message back from GP.
    5) Logging is very poor - when sending an email all you get are the start and finish times of the job, there is no feedback after the command is sent from GP - no reporting whether the template was generated successfully, no reporting on which template field failed, no reporting if there was an error back from EWS or Outlook.

    Getting Send to Email to work is a pretty miserable experience of trial and error that needs improving.
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    Ship to Address changes do not roll down to all lines on a PO when Enhanced Intrastat is active

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Distribution - Purchase Order Processing

    When you have Enhanced Intrastat active, you are not prompted with the warning “Do you want to roll down changes to line items with the same Ship To Address ID and Shipping Method", and nothing will roll down to all lines on the document. Would be nice to have this functionality if EI is active.
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    Web Client: Vendor account lookup window will not open if you have changed vendors after having previously been on the account tab

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    Only occurs in web client instances. The account lookup hourglass of the account tab in the vendor maintenance window will not do anything if you have switched vendors in the window after having previously been on the accounts tab without closing the window.