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      Employee Address Field Limited to 22 Characters

      Suggested by Monica TerrellNew 0
      Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Payroll

      Please limit the employee address lines to 22 characters since the SSA restricts the length for W-2's.
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      Have option to roll down PO Date changes to PO line items

      Suggested by Kerry HataleyNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Purchase Order Processing

      When a date change has occurred in the Purchase Order header, there should be an option to allow this new date to be pushed to the line items on the purchase order. Used by Requisition Date, Required Date, Promised Date and Promised Ship Date)
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      POP Prepayments - Partially Apply Invoices to Outstanding Prepay Balance

      Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Purchase Order Processing

      As it stands currently, you can issue a prepayment against a PO.

      However, when invoices are processed against that PO, they are automatically 100% applied towards the outstanding prepayment balance available.

      In many business scenarios, there should at least be the flexibility to adjustment how much of the invoice goes towards the prepayment and how much of the invoice is still to be left as payable to the vendor.

      Please provide the ability to adjust the purchase order prepayment balance applied to vendor invoices.
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      Fixed Assets Bug - Unbalanced G/L Entry & Subledger

      Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
      Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

      Logged this w/ Microsoft support desk (SR # 118120319409654) but was directed here.

      There's a bug in the asset retirement window that allows a user to enter 2 lineitems of detail (say 1 line for Proceeds & 1 line for Expenses of Sale) by manually clicking into an amount field on the 2nd line.

      When retiring with this type of incorrect split, the user will receive a 'Return Code 17' error but more significantly, there will be an UNBALANCED set of G/L distributions created (which can be posted to G/L) AND creates an UNBALANCE FA00902 table which is relied on heavily for all subledger reporting.

      Outside of training, there's nothing to do from stopping users from incorrectly processing this way and the impact is significant...
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      Bank Management ERM Import Payment window locking source file

      Suggested by Terry HeleyUnder Review 0
      Category: Financials - Other

      When you use the ERM Import Payment window to import a payment from a csv file, the source csv file being imported is then locked and cannot be renamed, or saved over, until the user exists GP.

      Once the user exits GP the file again becomes available for rename or saving over.

      It would be nice to be able to rename the file while you are still in GP
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      Reprint Pay Statements for an Audit Trail Code

      Suggested by Sherlene SorensonNew 0
      Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Payroll

      Every once in a while a client has not successfully printed paystubs, or has a reason they need to reprint pay statements for an entire pay run. We can print a date range of pay statements for individual employees from the Check Inquiry window. Could we get a way to choose an Audit Trail Code and reprint pay statements for the entire payrun?
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      Allow editing of font and size in custom workflow templates

      Suggested by Kayla SchillingNew 0
      Category: Tools - Workflow

      When creating a custom workflow template for GP, there is no option to change the font or the size of the font. If you use document lines, the font appears to be Segoe UI, and the letter spacing is very small and difficult to read. It would be great if we have the option to select the font, and size, in the email template.
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      Publish Report Scheduler reports with data

      Suggested by Jacob GilleshammerNew 1
      Category: System

      Checkbook Register report doesn't publish with any data. Other reports are seeing this issue as well. However, the Trial Balance reports still publish with data. Can print reports without issue, but publishing them to a shared folder yields a 0kb file.

      Issue is prevalent in GP2015, GP2016, and GP2018.
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      Workflow conditions multiple values in a single condition separated by comma

      Suggested by Rob KlaprothNew 0
      Category: Tools - Workflow

      In most query tools today you can have multiple values in a single condition. When building out workflow for GP, we often use the requested by field and have to repeate the conditions several times if there are more then one user.

      For example:

      Amount < 5000 and Requested by = Rklaproth
      Amount < 5000 and Requested by = Jsmith
      AMount < 5000 and Requested by = Mjones

      It would be MUCH easier if we would do it this way:

      Amount < 5000 and Requested by = Rklaproth, Jsmith, Mjones

      Basically when creating a condition, the system would look if you have a comma and another value and treat it like a unique operand.

      In SQL for example we can do this:

      Select * from RM00101 where custnumbr IN ('rklaproth', 'jsmith', 'mjonees') AND city = 'San Diego'

      And SQL will return those 3 customer numbers if they are in San Diego.

      So, having this in the workflow condition editor would be very helpful, and also even allowing us to copy and paste a SQL query into the condition editor would be even better.

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      Voiding a debit memo in Receivables Management does not update the chequebook in Bank Management.

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Financials - Other

      Voiding RM Debit Memos created as Cashbook AR Payments not update Cashbook Management in Dynamics GP
      The 'AR' Credit Memos can be voided in RM and update the Cashbook side without issue but Debit Memos won't.