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    Bug/Feature Request - Management Reporter - Export Landscape/Portrait

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Business Intelligence

    When setting up a report in Management Reporter, there are a couple key settings as far as display, exporting and printing goes.

    1. Fit to screen vs % of screen
    2. Landscape v Portrait
    3. Page Margins

    It would make sense and be incredibly helpful if these settings stayed consistent regardless of the application/export option that you were working with.

    This would include...
    MR Report Viewer Application
    MR Web Viewer
    Export to Excel (from both Report View & Web Viewer)
    Export to .XPS (from both Report Viewer & Web Viewer)

    Right now with CU16, the settings do no hold true across the place and then when eventually printing (especially if trying to print an entire group at once), the process becomes over-bearingly tedious.
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    save or minimize transaction when Go To is selected on PO exists message

    Suggested by Lisa GregoryNew 1
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    In GP2015 or later, a feature was added to warn a user if a PO exists for a vendor that a payables transaction has been entered for. If you click the Go To button, the transaction you were working on gets deleted and the PO Navigation window is opened to view PO's for this vendor. The message does not appear until the save button or the post button is activated. If the transaction had multiple distributions added this information will be lost and the user would have to start over again if there was no PO and the transaction should be entered in the Payables Transaction Entry window. I suggest that the Go To button minimize the window and then bring up the PO Navigation window for the vendor instead of deleting the transaction.
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    Sort by date

    Suggested by Loren ChurnessNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    It would be great if there was the "sort by date" check box in the Payables Transaction Inquiry so that documents could be more quickly sorted. As it currently stands it is a 3 step process. This is already an option in the Inventory Item Transaction Inquiry and it works great.
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    Ability to allow variable allocation accounts based on trx period used with quick journal entry and allocation in this fashion

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    When Variable Allocation Account based on 'Trx Period' is used in a Quick Journal entry, allocations use the Year-To-Date calculation instead of Trx Period. If you do this in a recurring batch, then it works correctly
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    Payables Transaction Approval Workflow - add GL distributions to Fields available in notification email

    Suggested by Brenda NibloNew 0
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    Payables Transaction Approval Workflow - add GL distributions to Fields available in notification email.

    Having the GL distributions available to show in the notification email would eliminate most approvers from needing to drill into GP to approve from their email remotely.
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    Mask SSN on HR reports

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Human Resources

    I would like the ability to mask the social security number in HR reports similar to the option in Payroll to mask the SSN. That would be AWESOME!
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    Stop Additional Tax Amount when Supplemental Tax is used

    Suggested by Sara StaffordNew 0
    Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Payroll

    Pay types such as Commissions and Bonuses are to be taxed at the supplemental rate, currently 22%. When I process a payroll with these pay types, it withholds the tax percentage from the pay code screen as well as any additional amount on the employees' tax withholding set up screen.
    So I have to keep a list of the employees' with additional tax amounts so that I can removed it before I process a commission payroll. Then after the commission payroll is posted, I go back and add the additional tax amount to the tax set up screen.
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    Payables EFT post in detail in bank rec - need in summary

    Suggested by Althea SussmanNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    When an EFT file for payables is sent to the bank, they deduct the entire summary amount from your account on one line. However, GP posts them as individual lines in bank rec, so reconciling is difficult and time consuming. And eBank Rec will not recognize them. My suggestion is to have GP post these to the checkbook in summary as that is how they are in our real checkbook at the bank.

    Our work around will be to setup a dummy EFT checkbook to run these from and then do a transfer each time we run EFT's from live checkbook to dummy checkbook in summary. We should be able to add that BAI code to eBank Rec to reconcile it as a transfer as well.
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    Prevent users from voiding a Payables Invoice if it is linked to a POP Purchase Order?

    Suggested by Bob CallananNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    The issue comes up again and again where a user voids a Payables invoice and then realizes that the Invoice originated in the PO module, that the PO didn't open back up again as they expected and that their Accrued Purchases Account is out of balance. Would it be possible to include a new Payables setup option where we could choose to allow, warn or not allow this type of void?
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    IV Default Bins for Inventory Control transactions

    Suggested by Jameson AnyongNew 0
    Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

    We would like to suggest the ability to have a default bin assigned when entering transactions in the Item Transaction Entry window for IV