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      Should be possibility to choose option that the manufacturing date is updated always when RAF is done.

      Suggested by Taina KärkiNew 0
      Category: Production Control

      When producing batch orders there is setup where the creation and update of the manufactured batch number and dates are configured. It can be found from the Tracking number group of the finished good and there are two options :
      Creation/update done
      1. When the production order is created (On physical update / No)
      2. When doing Report as finished (RAF) (On physical update / Yes)

      When using option #1 the batch number is created and updated with the delivery date of the batch order and the batch order is created in the beginning and it will not be changed during RAF. Means the manufacturing date is the delivery date and it will not update although the actual manufacturing date (RAF) is different from the delivery date.

      If it happens that the delivery date is not the actual manufacturing (RAF) date, that creates the situation that the expiration dates for the batches in the stock will be wrong.
      For example, production planning has firmed Planned production order for production (delivery date) on 10.1.2019, but the RAF is done in real life in advance on 8.1.2019. Expiration time is 1 year, and the system gives expiration date 9.1.2020 (counted from manufacturing date 10.1.2019). So, this date is wrong it should be 7.1.2020, counted from actual RFA date 8.1.2019. In some cases, this is a big problem.

      If you want to deviate manufacturing date from the delivery date, then the date can be changed manually on the batch, but this means you has to follow up the actual manufacturing dates and delivery dates and gap between them. This is impossible in big scale production and gives also quality risk.

      It is in some occasions very jobly or difficult to plan the delivery dates according to actual production (RAF) dates and also manual change of dates is creating extra work. In the system and it’s setup there should be possibility to choose option that the manufacturing date is updated always when RAF is done. This option should not be connected to physical updates.

      Choosing option #2 when batch numbers are given after RAF is not viable solution. That’s because it gives batch number to every produced pcs and it is not the situation we want to happen in system.
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      Screen showing workflow in error, both for header and subworkflows

      Suggested by Olivier LalooNew 0
      Category: Financial reporting

      In standard D365, the screen workflow error shows only the workflow errors on header level. Errors in subworkflows are not shown in this screen.

      Suggestion to extend the current screen to display not only workflow errors for header workflows but also for related subworkflows.

      The current workaround is to open each individual order (e.g. purchase orderr) and check using workflow details if there are subworkflows which are in error...
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      Ability to disable data entity lines in data templates

      Suggested by Chris JamisonNew 0
      Category: Data Management

      I would like to be able to build general data templates within data management, and sequence out large numbers of data entities for export/import.
      However, I would like to be able to disable/enable the lines so that when creating a data project based on the template, only the enabled entities will be copied into the data project.
      This will allow me to create generic data templates for a full sequencing of data to be maintained, and port the templates around to different environments where some of the entities may not be valid.
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      Document Routing Agent PDF

      Suggested by Aaron StackpoleNew 0
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      A customer was unable to get check printing working on a server with the document routing agent installed, after running the Adobe PDF reader application, check printing started working. The administrator must manually log into the server in order for check printing to work, as the agent cannot be used for check printing if it is running as a service. It would be great if the document routing agent were more robust and able to handle common printing scenarios.
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      Documentation for Continuous Integration

      Suggested by Aaron StackpoleNew 0
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      Provide documentation on how to configure the VSTS build agent on a Cloud Deployed environment, details about the VSTS settings in the environment settings pages for deploying a Microsoft managed environment and the resultant configurations in VSTS, and documentation on the DynamicsSDK VSOAgent scripts usage (how to install, uninstall, and reinstall the service).
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      Personalize the print DRA an each employee.

      Suggested by Valerii KarpovNew 0
      Category: System administration

      AX print solution only through the Dynamics Document Routing Agent service that runs only on behalf of the technical user.
      Сurrently in the D365 FO, printing of documents is performed through a service that is running under a technical account.
      All users are printing documents under a single account technical user.
      We need to fix the DRA in such a way as to personalize the print, so we need to identity an each employee when printing documents from D365.
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      Payment schedules in vendor invoice journal

      Suggested by Tino FischerNew 0
      Category: Accounts Payable

      Currently, payment plans are not working automatically in vendor invoice journals. It would be great when payment schedules stored in the vendor master automatically will be used when posting an vendor invoice journal.
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      Transaction date column trail

      Suggested by Maharaja Govindaswamy KrishnamoorthyNew 1
      Category: Audit workbench

      Issue Definition:
      Transaction date column in audit trail

      Along with the created date the customer wants to have the transaction date column in the Audit trail in Version 8.0

      General ledger>Inquiries and reports>
      Audit trail

      Now in standard R3 Audit trail report this transaction date was available

      And I noted that the audit trail reports is deprecated from 7.0

      Can we incorporate the field in Audit trail inquiry
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      Generate Recurring invoice based on Price list = Fee

      Suggested by john remsbergNew 0
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      We have roughly 350 Free Text Invoice Templates, based on Project/Categories, and they run over 3-6 years. Each template will contain 4-8 lines. We are requesting that when generating the recurring invoice, it would be helpful if the prices were taken from the sales price table. It is very labor intensive to update these templates every year. Currently, it is only pulling the value that is on the template itself.

      Thank you
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      When using the Copy from all function in POs, the system doesn't copy the project number from the original PO into the project tab on the PO line and header

      Suggested by Poornima PatilNew 0
      Category: Project management and accounting

      The header record does not change to the project ID on the original PO like the line does. This behavior is same on AX2012 R3, D365 7.2, D365 8.1 PU22 as well.
      Lines Details and Header Reference show correct Project ID. But Distribute Amounts, shows previous Project ID