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    Allow the ability to edit configuration packages

    Suggested by Dan LevyCompleted 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    in particular to add Dimensions ( in addition to 1 and 2 ) to General Journal Imports.

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    Need ability to Import Dimension Values

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtCompleted 6
    Category: Data Migrations

    There currently is not a way to import in Dimension Values. In the Dimensions window you can set up your Dimensions, and you then click Dimension Values to enter all possible values for the Dimensions and users would like the ability to import these Dimension Values somehow.  In the Dimension Values window the Edit in Excel does now allow one to add values, there is also not an option for Dimension Values in the D365 Configuration Package, this is where I would expect it to be available to import, but nothing is available here.  Please add this functionality.

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    Bank statement reconciliation report

    Suggested by Annaick BoudinCompleted 3
    Category: Cash and bank management

    Advanced bank reconciliation has been designed but no bank statement report provides clear information.

    Bank statement report is required base on cutoff date. This report should have option to detail

    * reconciled transactions

    * Un-reconciled transactions

    Customer should be able to have a statement at date of what is in his bank account for Audit, cash management, management decision.

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    Configuration Packages

    Suggested by Albert SubiranaCompleted 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    Expand the functionality of the configuration packages.  At minimum allow the definition of a Data Template for importing records.

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    Please can we have lot expiry dates within lot tracking for perishable goods

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartCompleted 3
    Category: Inventory

    We have a prospect for D365F who will need to use lot tracking and serial numbers with their inventory.  The roadmap shows that lot tracking and serial numbers are in development for Business Edition...


    "You can now use lot or serial numbers to track items through your supply chain, from receipt to shipping. Item tracking also lets you calculate item availability in various item tracking windows, so you can see how much of a lot or serial number is currently being used on other documents."


    However, our prospect's stock is perishable, if a lot goes 'out of date' it becomes unusable.  Please can lot expiry dates be included within the development in progress and, if they aren't, please could they be added later?  Client will need to be able to report on stock by expiry date and choose which lots he uses / sells based on their expiry dates.

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    Tables requested to be added to pre-defined Configuration Package

    Suggested by Christian RoachCompleted 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    Request that the following tables be included in the base configuration package tables allowed to interact with:

    -Item Unit of Measure

    -No. Series and related No. Series Lines and Relationship tables

    -Tax Jurisdiction and Tax Areas

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    Prevent deletion of Posted Documents using Permissions

    Suggested by Holly PattersonCompleted 3
    Category: Other

    Would like the ability to use Permissions to prevent specific users from deleting Posted Documents.  There is currently no way to be able to do this, users either have full access to a Posted Document or none at all.

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    Allow Outlook Add-in to create new documents from a blank e-mail

    Suggested by Val GameiroCompleted 0
    Category: Other

    We have a client who has two use cases that would greatly benefit from doing this.

    On the purchase side, they don't always have an e-mail from their vendor in their inbox to generate a PO.

    It'd be great to open up a new e-mail, and then be able to select the vendor, and then create and send the PO from there. But, it would also be great to be able to import an existing PO into the e-mail box.

    On the sales side, their quotes take a couple of days, so it doesn't make sense to create them in Outlook. It'd be great to create them in D365 and then allow the Outlook add-on to attach the existing Quote to the e-mail.
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    Use Excel as a front-end for data entry to Financials

    Suggested by David BoehmCompleted 0
    Category: Other

    One of the greatest drawbacks to working with Financials, is the slow pace of data entry.  Users essentially add one field at a time, and have to deal with internet latency each time we hit the "enter" or "tab" key.

    I also noticed that as the number of lines in a journal increase, the response time becomes slower.  As an example, this past weekend I converted a company from QuickBooks to Financials.  As a part of this process, I create journals in the G/L Journal entry screen to book their trial balance.  As I add more and more lines, I get more "working on it" messages.  If I tab through the rest of the fields on the screen and start entering the next line too soon, the "Amount" field on the previous line becomes blank.  I would estimate it takes anywhere from 2 to 5 times as long to do an entry in Financials, as opposed to doing the same entry in a Windows-based ERP.

    Why don't you use Excel as a data entry platform for Financials?

    You already have the basic programming in place for this.  There is an "Export to Excel" icon on most screens.  Of course, you'll have to validate data received through a spreadsheet upload, but a lot of this logic already exists in your RapidStart capability.

    If you use Excel as a data entry platform, you will have combined the best of both worlds (i.e. Windows-based and Cloud).  Users would be able to use Excel's capabilities to quickly create data, and the data would ultimately end up in a Cloud-based ERP (i.e. Financials).

    Would it be that difficult to do this?  Your current "Export to Excel" capability allows me to make limited modifications to records that already exist within Financials, but it doesn't allow me to add new records to a spreadsheet and successfully publish these.

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    Navigate to linked purchase orders from sales orders

    Suggested by David BoehmCompleted 0
    Category: Sales

    There seems to be no way to determine whether a purchase document (i.e. a P.O or a Purchase Invoice) has been generated from a sales order.  If one has been generated, there seems to be no way to determine which one it happens to be.  In experimenting with this functionality, I can also create any number of duplicate P.O.'s or Purchase Invoices from the same sales order.

    After I've created a P.O. (and especially a Purchase Invoice) directly from within the Sales Order screen, I should at least get a warning if I try to create a duplicate.  I should be able to navigate from the sales order to the applicable purchase document.  I should also be able to navigate from the purchase document to the related sales order, as well.

    This kind of functionality is essential for managing purchases when these are directly related to sales.  This sort of functionality is basically available for drop shipments, and should be available for normal shipments as well.