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    Set tax area by line in Sales and Purchase Invoices

    Suggested by Naser APlanned – Long-Term 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Currently, the tax area is restricted to one for the whole document. This means that if there are multiple line items that require different tax area codes, then the only work around is to create multiple individual invoices. A tax area code column already exists but it's not editable (read-only). It would be really helpful to have this column be editable within the invoice lines to select a tax area code that should be applied to each specific line.
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    Allow multiple Business Central connections to one CRM instance

    Suggested by Dana AndersonPlanned – Long-Term 0
    Category: Other

    We would like to see the ability to connect multiple Business Central companies (in the same subscription) connect to a single instance of CRM that is in the same subscription.

    Thanks for the consideration!