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      Profile configuration in Business Central

      Suggested by Melissa MatheussenUnder Review 3

      In NAV, it was possible to configure profiles by making use of configuration mode. This way, you can change the lay-out of pages for each group of users, such as bookkeepers, warehouse workers… That way they only see the buttons and columns most relevant to them.
      In Business Central, there doesn't seem to be a configuration mode. We were wondering what the best way is in Business Central to customize profiles so that a group of users have the same personalization.
      It is only possible to change the lay-outs of pages for all users (using Designer modus) or for one user (using Personalisation modus). It is not efficient to change the designs of hundreds of pages user by user!
      Are we the only partner who finds this a huge problem?
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      Multi-geo locations with Business Central

      Suggested by Darren BayleyUnder Review 6
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      Ability to use multi-geo locations with Business Central, so that in the same Office 365 tenant, you can have for example a UK instance of Business Central, and a US instance of Business Central.
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      All table fields available on Pages to add via personalization

      Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 8

      Customers and partners have been asking for all table fields to be available on all pages to add without customization vie personalize (or in on premise Show Columns) for at last 15 years now,

      Can you please make all related table fields available to users to be added via personalize vs having to create an extension to add existing stock fields to pages. This way customers can add fields they need without having to pay a partner to write and add an extension to add fields to pages.
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      SMTP Configuration

      Suggested by Kristen HosmanUnder Review 4

      Allow more than just one email to be setup. Would like to be able to sent customer invoices from AP email and vendor PO's from Purchasing email.

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      Add extra attachement to email from BC

      Suggested by Robert CottonUnder Review 3
      Category: Sales

      Hi, it would be great to by able to add a extra file to emails sent from BC. I need to add a pdf file with the sales invoice or quote but it is not possible. This is very important for some customers.
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      Backup and restore

      Suggested by Phil DraperUnder Review 2

      Users make mistakes in their daily work and it is not unusual for a member of the finance team to upload a lot of wrong data or delete data. Running year end without completing all the data changes is another common mistake. Not being able to perform an on demand backup prior to performing a destructive task is a big miss in this product. Conversely there needs to be a on demand restore function.

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      Automatic unpublish and publish from VSCode

      Suggested by Erik ErnstUnder Review 1

      Working with extensions which have dependency on other extensions is currently not very easy. For example if we have a "main app" and a "test app", then in order to republish our main app, then we first have to unpublish the test app.

      Not only is there no way to do this from VSCode (except than writing a Powershell script and run it), but really slows down the test - development cycle when doing test driven development.

      My hope is that that the AL extension would be able to handle this automatically. With the option that it also re-publishes any unpublished extensions, so that it would be possible to quickly rerun the test that failed before.
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      Comments Editor

      Suggested by Greg AlfordUnder Review 2

      We make exensive use of comments in Customers, Vendors, Items, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Lines, Sales Orders, Sales Order Lines, Bill of Ladings, etc. , etc.

      We really need a comments editor that formats comments. These comments print on documents and are just plain ugly and unprofessional looking. A comments editor should include spell checking, bullets, word wrap, etc. Nothing as sophisticated as Word, but a step above notepad.
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      b2b customer portal to allow customer view and place orders, pay and engage.

      Suggested by Erez HadadUnder Review 3
      Category: Sales

      make a b2b portal for customers to log in to view orders, pay bills, place orders, request quotes, view quotes and on.

      I think ecommerce and customer portal is a must to have and must be from the same house (microsoft) in order to work perfectly together with the erp, inventory, finance, etc.

      Many cloud erp companies targeting a built in ecommerce. I can list 20 names but it won't be fair to list them here. Microsoft will have to do it now in order to stay ahead and keep his customers ahead of competition! as the future leading us to see more and more end to end solutions.

      most of the connectors, integrations and custom work are just slowing down the success of the customer which slow the success of microsoft and their partners. a growing company will always need more services from MS and its partners. Customer portal / ecommerce will have a positive effect on everybody including the partners that will have more implantation packages for the portal or ecommerce as it's the face of the company. respecting the partners that building connectors and ecommerces. but 500$ per month is not a reasonable price for ecommerce in 2018.
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      Enable compile/intellisense for apps within same workspace

      Suggested by Erik ErnstUnder Review 1

      With a requirement to have automated tests in a separate (dependent) test extension for AppSource extensions, instead of having the test codeunits inside the same extension makes it impossible to do test driven development with Business Central.

      The current process of first having to download symbols for the main app each time we go back to edit the tests (plus having to unpublish the test app, before republishing the main app), means that the developer must wait minutes between each red-green-refactor step.

      Ideally if we had two (or more) dependent extensions inside the same workspace in Visual Studio Code, then the AL compiler shouldn’t have the depend on the .App symbol files. It should be able to use the actual source files.

      Technically this should be possible, as all information is already present inside the VSCode workspace and the App.json files.

      If possible then it should also allow us to use Go to Definition to the actual file and rename references across extensions, if they are within the same workspace.