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      Option to merge multiple pdf files into one document

      Suggested by Johannes WikmanNew 2
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      Our users want to batch print Sales Invoices. In WinClient we could solve that, but now when running WebClient only (SaaS) we're having different troubles.

      Since we need to use the configured Custom Report Layouts, we have to print the invoices one a time.
      If we call Report.Run one at a time, the user only gets the last pdf file
      If we saves all pdfs into a zip and sends that to the browser, it's getting complicated for the user:
      - They first need to unzip
      - Then they need to print the reports:
      ○ one at a time
      ○ Or 15 (default Windows Limit) at a time by right-clicking if they got Adobe Reader installed
      ○ Or through a third party application if they want to print all in a go

      To enable us to create user friendly apps we need a "Merge PDF Files" feature in the application, either as a built in platform function or as a codeunit wrapper around a new .NET dll.

      And please, don't suggest that we should use Azure Functions for this. We've got a working Proof of Concept for joining pdfs, but it shouldn't be the solution for this. A lot of users and partners will have the same issues if this is not solved. There must be tons of reasons of not doing this as an Azure function, let me know if you really need some more arguments on this than the obvious.
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      Batch printing with different Custom Report Layouts

      Suggested by Johannes WikmanNew 0
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      When printing reports that have a custom report layout that is configured per record (e.g. different custom "Sales Invoice" report layouts per Customer) the report must be printed per record (eg. per "Sales Invoice Header" record). Otherwise the custom report layout will be ignored.

      The users are getting confused by the different layouts being printed when they are printing one or several invoices.

      A solution would be (as we've solved it in the past) to change the printing of "sales invoices" (and other reports that's affected by the same scenario) so that it will only print if a single record is being printed (use SetRecFilter) and that the batch printing from the MenuSuite is a new report that is calling the other reports for one record at a time.
      But running this solution on SaaS will give us new challenges since we cannot print several reports in one go from the web client (see Idea ), so that needs to be fixed first.

      This is related to Service Request 118120519420149
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      sync Chart of Accounts, Vendors, and Customers between multiple Business Central companies

      Suggested by New 2

      We would love to be able to sync Chart of Accounts, Vendors, and Customers between multiple Business Central companies. This way, when a new account is added/edited, it will automatically be added/changed in different companies.
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      Allow users to add filter fields on report option

      Suggested by Joerg RauNew 2
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      When running a report, a user can choose a filter for the pre-defined fields or replace an existing filter field with a new one, but a user can't add additional filter fields.
      For example, the Inventory Valuation report offers three field to filter on. Let's say the user makes use of these three fields but requires now a fourth field to filter on. This is currently not possible.
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      Report Extensions should be introduced

      Suggested by Dilanka HewageNew 2
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      Since the only development and deployment method currently supports is Extension Development via a Sandbox using VS Code (AL Lang), isn't it great to have Report Extension Development capability too? There's always possible to dev Extensions for Standard Tables, Pages, CUs but why not Reports? Every End-Client requires their very own methods to represent data comes into an ERP. But as ISVs, we are getting answerless when they just simply ask, "can I add our company logo to this standard report?" I mean, it's obvious, practically. Eagerly waiting for this since there's no other way rather than Re-design the entire report just to map Client's small requirements, which is limited in Word/RDLC Custom Layout designer in base Business Central.
      (Simple suggestion, isn't it great to have the Core/Base Development ability like in good old days with NAV?)
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      Barcode Scanner Control for Phones and Tablets

      Suggested by Patrik MüllerNew 5

      It would be great to have a native control in BC (e.g. a special field type for Tablet-Client and Phone-Client) for scanning barcodes by using the camera of the device.

      The picture of the barcode should be interpreted within BC and the barcode value should be inserted into the field from where the process has been started.

      Additionally, it should be possible to start the barcode scanning process with AL-code. In this case, the barcode value should be passed over as a return value and we would be able to split the string into several elements (e.g. GS1 DataMatrix with multiple Information in one barcode).

      Finally there should be a possibility to give feedback to the user (sound or light) , whether the barcode could be interpreted correctly or not.
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      Filtering - option fields choosing more than one option

      Suggested by Ryan CairnsNew 3

      When filering on an option field you can only select one value. For example on the Customer Blocked field you cannot filter on both Ship and All.

      In the old Windows client you could tick multiple options (like in Excel).
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      Updated search behavior, propose Dropdown when multi record match?

      Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 1

      Suppose you have 2 customers that are named 'Van Terp A' and 'Van Terp B'. When users enter the value 'Van Terp' in a 'Customer No.' / 'Customer Name' field (e.g. on the sales order / sales invoice), the customer dropdown list is shown after 1-2 secondS, so (s)he aware of multiple results and can select the correct one. All Ok, as long as the user is patient to wait for the dropdown to appear ...

      Since it concerns a Power user (coming from NAV Classic) that is actually used to input complete documents in seconds, (s)he doesn't wait 1+ seconds for the dropdown to occur and presses ENTER / TAB to continue to the next field. This results in BC always taking the first valid value instead. They need to have patience for the dropdown list to load first, then select the correct customer and enter / TAB. This takes approx. 1 - 2 secs to load, which is too long for these users.

      Can this be enhanced so the dropdown is at least shown in case multiple records apply / results are returned by the search query?

      We used to create our own Search function all over our addon to provide this behavior, but it would be far more better if MS / BC could provide better native support.
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      Easily apply / type new filters on report request page

      Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 0

      One cool thing about the upcoming PAGE filtering feature is that we will be able again to 'type' (search) a field name we would like to filter on, instead of selecting by mouse.

      Can we imagine similar behavior for the REPORT request page filtering as well? Being able to just type to search for any field name, and type to apply a filter value (the same way we were used to in the Classic Client), will speed up the process (instead having to scroll and using the mouse).

      PS: I'm currently also struggling with finding out how to add a filter on an extra field as an end user, not part of the request page ...
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      Length, Width, Height (L x W x H) on Items

      Suggested by Karsten van HerwaardenNew 3
      Category: Inventory

      It would be great to have Length, Width and Height on Item's.
      Right now we have only weight and Unit Volume but it would be very handy to also have the dimensions of the three seperate dimensions.