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    Multi-geo locations with Business Central

    Suggested by Darren BayleyNew 1
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    Ability to use multi-geo locations with Business Central, so that in the same Office 365 tenant, you can have for example a UK instance of Business Central, and a US instance of Business Central.
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    Comments Editor

    Suggested by Greg AlfordNew 2
    Category: Other

    We make exensive use of comments in Customers, Vendors, Items, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Lines, Sales Orders, Sales Order Lines, Bill of Ladings, etc. , etc.

    We really need a comments editor that formats comments. These comments print on documents and are just plain ugly and unprofessional looking. A comments editor should include spell checking, bullets, word wrap, etc. Nothing as sophisticated as Word, but a step above notepad.
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    'Edit' or 'Card' shortcut on fields with tablerelation to ease navigation to entity CARD

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 1
    Category: Other

    When setting a TableRelation on a field, the field is shown on pages with the LookUp and Advanced Lookup options. (or 'Select from List' in the WebClient / BC) This allows the user to easily select a new record / value from the dropdown list or from the LookupPage. This is ideal for entry of new documents. However, once a document has been created and a value has been assigned to a field, it often occurs that an end user wants to get more information about that value, by opening the CARD page. Currently, the user needs to perform minimum 2 clicks. Either use Lookup > Advanced (to show the list) > Edit (to open the card). Either using the Advanced Lookup (to show the list) > Edit (to open the card). Our request is to provide a direct 'Edit' (or 'Card') option on fields with a tablerelation (with shortcut), so when a field has the focus, we can immediately open the card of the field involved.

    There are alternatives by providing a custom assist edit, custom 'Show xxx' action (e.g. 'Customer' action on Sales Invoice), provide a factbox with limited information, ... but having an overall 'Edit' option on the fields having a tablerelation would ease the navigation of the end user.
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    sync Chart of Accounts, Vendors, and Customers between multiple Business Central companies

    Suggested by New 2
    Category: Other

    We would love to be able to sync Chart of Accounts, Vendors, and Customers between multiple Business Central companies. This way, when a new account is added/edited, it will automatically be added/changed in different companies.
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    Easily apply / type new filters on report request page

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 0
    Category: Other

    One cool thing about the upcoming PAGE filtering feature is that we will be able again to 'type' (search) a field name we would like to filter on, instead of selecting by mouse.

    Can we imagine similar behavior for the REPORT request page filtering as well? Being able to just type to search for any field name, and type to apply a filter value (the same way we were used to in the Classic Client), will speed up the process (instead having to scroll and using the mouse).

    PS: I'm currently also struggling with finding out how to add a filter on an extra field as an end user, not part of the request page ...
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    Filtering On Reports Not Working

    Suggested by Bert DTNew 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    You are unable to print multiple records for 1 report for different customers.

    Go to the Sales Orders.
    Find orders that have the same value in a/multiple field(s) from different customers and Filter on it/them.
    “Salesperson Code” = ‘KS’ and “Document Date” = '01/05/18..'

    Now we want to print the order confirmation for these orders.

    Observe the reports
    Only the first selected order is printed.

    It seems like the report doesn't take the filters on the requestpage in account.
    However it does, but before that all the orders are already filtered on the selected record to apply the custom report layouts for that customer.

    Make it possible to print multiple reports from different customers.

    (perhaps an extra loop around the customer report layout functionality to apply for multiple different customers?)

    MS Call 118101819242689
    Discovered on NAV2018CU8-BE = 11.0.23572.0
    But also fails on BC BE Dynamics NAV 13.0 (25789)
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    Business Outlook Interface with Sandbox environment

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Other

    I've been working on a demo in the Sandbox environment. Contact Insight is added to the Outlook home ribbon when you run ‘Set up your Business Inbox in Outlook’ from BC / Assisted Setup. Once you run this, you are sent an email which then adds it to the ribbon.

    There is no way to have the Contact Insight functionality in Outlook to interface with the Sandbox environment thus limiting the ability to demo in the Sandbox.

    Also, I have not been able to configure the Contact Insight to link with a specific company if the database has multiple companies.

    It would be nice to be able to demo in the sandbox.
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    Updated search behavior, propose Dropdown when multi record match?

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 1
    Category: Other

    Suppose you have 2 customers that are named 'Van Terp A' and 'Van Terp B'. When users enter the value 'Van Terp' in a 'Customer No.' / 'Customer Name' field (e.g. on the sales order / sales invoice), the customer dropdown list is shown after 1-2 secondS, so (s)he aware of multiple results and can select the correct one. All Ok, as long as the user is patient to wait for the dropdown to appear ...

    Since it concerns a Power user (coming from NAV Classic) that is actually used to input complete documents in seconds, (s)he doesn't wait 1+ seconds for the dropdown to occur and presses ENTER / TAB to continue to the next field. This results in BC always taking the first valid value instead. They need to have patience for the dropdown list to load first, then select the correct customer and enter / TAB. This takes approx. 1 - 2 secs to load, which is too long for these users.

    Can this be enhanced so the dropdown is at least shown in case multiple records apply / results are returned by the search query?

    We used to create our own Search function all over our addon to provide this behavior, but it would be far more better if MS / BC could provide better native support.
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    Allow users to add filter fields on report option

    Suggested by Joerg RauNew 2
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    When running a report, a user can choose a filter for the pre-defined fields or replace an existing filter field with a new one, but a user can't add additional filter fields.
    For example, the Inventory Valuation report offers three field to filter on. Let's say the user makes use of these three fields but requires now a fourth field to filter on. This is currently not possible.
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    Allow to configuration the available Document Types for "New" in the Outlook Add-Ins

    Suggested by Daniel GöhlerNew 1
    Category: Other

    Allow to configuration the available Document Types for New in the Outlook Add-Ins

    Currently the Outlook Add-Ins supports Sales Documents like Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo and Reminder also Purchase Documents like Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Memo.

    In the trading business scenario that I know of, Customer request Sales Quote (available) and like to Sales Order (available) and would like return things so Sales Return Orders is missing. Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Memo maybe useful for some companies, but my customers don’t need them. Customer get his Invoices as the result of Posting the Order (or later Combine Shipment) with the configured Document Sending Profile. So, there is no need for creating that in Outlook. (Same for Posting Return Order -> Credit Memo or Combine Return Receipts). Also, all Customers I know create Reminders in Batch (Create Reminders and Suggest Reminder Lines) and send them from there.

    In Purchase I miss New Documents for Purchase Quote to request a quote from a vendor and maybe Purchase Return Order to return something. In think new Purchase Order and Credit Memo are useful here if the vendor sends his invoice and credit memos. Integration with Incoming Document would be nice.

    In totally miss the Service Documents: Service Quote, Service Order and Service Contract.