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    Multi-geo locations with Business Central

    Suggested by Darren BayleyNew 1
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    Ability to use multi-geo locations with Business Central, so that in the same Office 365 tenant, you can have for example a UK instance of Business Central, and a US instance of Business Central.
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    Filtering On Reports Not Working

    Suggested by Bert DTNew 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    You are unable to print multiple records for 1 report for different customers.

    Go to the Sales Orders.
    Find orders that have the same value in a/multiple field(s) from different customers and Filter on it/them.
    “Salesperson Code” = ‘KS’ and “Document Date” = '01/05/18..'

    Now we want to print the order confirmation for these orders.

    Observe the reports
    Only the first selected order is printed.

    It seems like the report doesn't take the filters on the requestpage in account.
    However it does, but before that all the orders are already filtered on the selected record to apply the custom report layouts for that customer.

    Make it possible to print multiple reports from different customers.

    (perhaps an extra loop around the customer report layout functionality to apply for multiple different customers?)

    MS Call 118101819242689
    Discovered on NAV2018CU8-BE = 11.0.23572.0
    But also fails on BC BE Dynamics NAV 13.0 (25789)
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    Please bring back the "other" flow connector

    Suggested by Jimmy BriggsNew 1
    Category: Other

    Last spring we created a flow map that connected Business Central with dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (formerly known as CRM). For the remaining part of this post, CE will refer to D365 for Customer Engagement and BC will rever to Dynamics Business Central.

    Our solution was elegant and simple. When an account was created in CE it would trigger a flow which would create a customer in BC using the BC customer card. If you are not familiar with Nav/BC/Financials (all the same product but not) you can expose the Customer Card with the "web services" section of the application.

    During this time the BC connector was duplicated in Flow. One version consumed these exposed web services from within the configuration on BC and one did not. Even when BC was "cloud" the web services would still populate on one of the two connectors.

    This connector was used as our client had a complex data structure involving 3 entities in CE that needed to all map to the single Customer Card in BC

    Recently the connector was removed! exporting their flow to a new tenant resulted in a connection that could never be found. As you create the now single BC connection it was no longer accessible from the import screen. Looking deeper into the json of the import file I discovered that the connector was called "shared_dynamicsfinancials"

    I have spent the last week trying every possible way to integrate the complex structure from CE to BC and replace our simple maps (which still work great on tenants that existed before the "shared_dynamicsfinancials" connector was suddenly removed from flow

    Eventually, hours ago I found this page which still has the old connector
    If you click documentation it will send you to a 404... HOWEVER, there is a template for a stock notification! logging into the new client and adding this provisioned our connection and we were able to access the customer_card holy grail of BC customer creation

    If you are reading this and have any power, contacts, anyone you know who is connected to the flow team please have them restore this critical functionality. The ability to expose entities from BC (referred to as tables sometimes) and have them available in flow is a great and incredibly useful. The current business central connector does not consume exposed web services from the app and offers no way to update a customer or extend and integrate the platform.

    If you ran into this problem recently when the connector disappeared I hope this helps you.

    You can view images of this feature that already exists and is just hidden/inaccessible here
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    More NAV process related Keyboard Shortcuts

    Suggested by Martin BlahaNew 0
    Category: Other

    Keyboard shortcuts related to NAV processes are missing. Examples:

    - Post
    - Dimensions
    - New Documents / Edit Document
    - Item Tracking Lines

    This is where Users now will be using productivity.
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    Improve "Filter to this Value"

    Suggested by Rob HansenNew 2
    Category: Other

    I've always thought the implementation of the quickfilter was poorly done. Users can only right-click on a single field to "filter to this value". When a second one is done, it replaces the first. When "filter to this value" is used, i would much rather see it add the filter as an advanced filter. Users could then use the function on multiple fields to add multiple advanced filters easily.
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    Barcode Scanner Control for Phones and Tablets

    Suggested by Patrik MüllerNew 0
    Category: Mobile

    It would be great to have a native control in BC (e.g. a special field type for Tablet-Client and Phone-Client) for scanning barcodes by using the camera of the device.

    The picture of the barcode should be interpreted within BC and the barcode value should be inserted into the field from where the process has been started.

    Additionally, it should be possible to start the barcode scanning process with AL-code. In this case, the barcode value should be passed over as a return value and we would be able to split the string into several elements (e.g. GS1 DataMatrix with multiple Information in one barcode).

    Finally there should be a possibility to give feedback to the user (sound or light) , whether the barcode could be interpreted correctly or not.
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    Intelligent Cloud Setup Improvment

    Suggested by Daniel GöhlerUnder Review 2
    Category: Other

    If I setup the Intelligent Cloud with the Demo-Database of Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise I get an error message for Table Cust_ Ledger Entry$3d5b2137-efeb-4014-8489-41d37f8fd4c3 -> "Table does not exist in local instance.". Would be nice if this would work right away. Also, the error message could be improved. I don't know that is to-do. I suspect there is an extension with GUID 3d5b2137-efeb-4014-8489-41d37f8fd4c3, but what is the name? Is not user friendly...

    In my case I used the German Versions (de-DE) Cloud (V209) and On-Premise (RTM). I suspect other localizations have the same problem.
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    Improve Search for new Users

    Suggested by Daniel GöhlerNew 0
    Category: Other

    It would be nice if the search would also recognize common synonyms like if you enter "product" into the search, the search could suggest "Do you mean Item?" or "supplier" -> "Do you mean Vendor?".

    This could also help for another issue. At least in German if you search Warehouse Receipts, the singular is "Wareneingang" and plural is "Wareneingänge" and is spelt different with “ä”. So if you search for "Wareneinga..") you only find two reports, but not Warehouse Receipts. Other languages with special characters could have the same issue.
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    Ability to change a My Notification for all users

    Suggested by Peik Bech-AndersenNew 0
    Category: Other

    Could you please add a functionality to change a "My Notifications" settings for all users.

    E.g. the Unposted document warning is not very well liked and it takes a long time to change for all users for all companies
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    Reports Lists of each area.

    Suggested by JUAN MEGIASNew 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    As in NAV 2018, It is useful to see all the reports involved in each area. Purchase area, I need to see all the reports. Same in sales area. Now it is impossible to find a reports if I do not know the name.

    Thanks in advance.

    Juan Megías.