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    Setup number of copies to print more flexible ( document sending profile)

    Suggested by Andreas GüntherNew 0
    Category: Sales

    Assuming you want to send out printed hardcopies for an invoice and you setup the number of copies to 5 in the Customer. If you print, you get 5 copies. If you now also want for informational purposes email the invoice as well - you will get a PDF with 5 copies. Which makes no sense for PDF.
    If it would be possible to either setup a alternative number of copies or even set a checkmark in the document sending profile to ignore the number of copies for PDF documents, that would save manual work.

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    Easily apply / type new filters on report request page

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 0
    Category: Other

    One cool thing about the upcoming PAGE filtering feature is that we will be able again to 'type' (search) a field name we would like to filter on, instead of selecting by mouse.

    Can we imagine similar behavior for the REPORT request page filtering as well? Being able to just type to search for any field name, and type to apply a filter value (the same way we were used to in the Classic Client), will speed up the process (instead having to scroll and using the mouse).

    PS: I'm currently also struggling with finding out how to add a filter on an extra field as an end user, not part of the request page ...
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    Multiple Windows

    Suggested by John SauberNew 1
    Category: Other

    It appears that the only way to have multiple windows open is to start a new session in the browser in a separate window or tab. Is this true? As NAV RTC users, it is not unheard of to have several windows open at once. How is this being managed in the new client? It seems unacceptable to have each window open right on top of the last one opened. Yikes.
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    Updated search behavior, propose Dropdown when multi record match?

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 1
    Category: Other

    Suppose you have 2 customers that are named 'Van Terp A' and 'Van Terp B'. When users enter the value 'Van Terp' in a 'Customer No.' / 'Customer Name' field (e.g. on the sales order / sales invoice), the customer dropdown list is shown after 1-2 secondS, so (s)he aware of multiple results and can select the correct one. All Ok, as long as the user is patient to wait for the dropdown to appear ...

    Since it concerns a Power user (coming from NAV Classic) that is actually used to input complete documents in seconds, (s)he doesn't wait 1+ seconds for the dropdown to occur and presses ENTER / TAB to continue to the next field. This results in BC always taking the first valid value instead. They need to have patience for the dropdown list to load first, then select the correct customer and enter / TAB. This takes approx. 1 - 2 secs to load, which is too long for these users.

    Can this be enhanced so the dropdown is at least shown in case multiple records apply / results are returned by the search query?

    We used to create our own Search function all over our addon to provide this behavior, but it would be far more better if MS / BC could provide better native support.
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    Enable manual installation of .app file in a sandbox environment

    Suggested by Stefano DemilianiNew 0
    Category: Other

    Loading an extension with only the .app file (manual deployment) on a sandbox environment is extremely useful for testing purposes or for consultants that want to test an extension to a customer environment before making it into production.
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    Enlarge 'Unit of Measure' description field to 30/50

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 0
    Category: Inventory

    All master data / setup tables in NAV having a description field, allows description lengths of at least 30 to 50 characters. Only the 'Unit of Measure' table still doesn't follow this pattern and is still limited to only 10 characters.

    Since we're not able to extend this field via an extension, can we have the description field length (and translated description) updated to 30/50 by MS?
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    Image of document using Office Lens

    Suggested by Morten SeifertNew 0
    Category: Mobile

    The possibility of creating inbound documents using the camera on the phone is nice, but the images are often very bad - wrong angel and a lot of noize around it.

    By combining the Microsoft product "Office Lens" the user would define if you are taking a picture (a product or for other means) or a document (a receipt, invoice, etc.). Office Lens is free, so I would not expect it to be any license issues by combining it with the Business Central App.

    That way accounting gets a clean great looking picture of the receipt ready for approval and posting.
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    Cancellation of Subcontracting

    Suggested by Michael MagerNew 0
    Category: Purchasing

    If a subcontractor sends items back and the post-Statement over the purchase line has a faulty quantity posted to production order, a cancellation of the whole process is necassary. This should work automatically behind the process. Also a cancellation of its delivery note should arrange the same function, as Long as no invoice is posted yet or the procution order is not going on. Sometimes a fault can happend when subcontractor quantites will posted manually through the purchase order.

    One further workarround should be to do the post Statement through the Warehouse receipt.
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    Add more standard templates for "Data Migration Assisted Setup"

    Suggested by New 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    Currently they are only this templates available in the "Data Migration Wizard" for Business Central
    - G/L Account
    - Item
    - Vendor
    - Customer

    Can you insert others or make the Wizard by User customizable?
    The Wizard usually likes a lot of prospects.

    Roberto Stefanetti
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    The ability to mail the Remittance Advice to Vendors after generating the EFT file in the AU version

    Suggested by Pallab MukhopadhyayNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    There should be a provision to mail the Remittance Advice to the Vendor after generating the EFT file in the AU version of Business Central.