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      Option to merge multiple pdf files into one document

      Suggested by Johannes WikmanNew 2
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      Our users want to batch print Sales Invoices. In WinClient we could solve that, but now when running WebClient only (SaaS) we're having different troubles.

      Since we need to use the configured Custom Report Layouts, we have to print the invoices one a time.
      If we call Report.Run one at a time, the user only gets the last pdf file
      If we saves all pdfs into a zip and sends that to the browser, it's getting complicated for the user:
      - They first need to unzip
      - Then they need to print the reports:
      ○ one at a time
      ○ Or 15 (default Windows Limit) at a time by right-clicking if they got Adobe Reader installed
      ○ Or through a third party application if they want to print all in a go

      To enable us to create user friendly apps we need a "Merge PDF Files" feature in the application, either as a built in platform function or as a codeunit wrapper around a new .NET dll.

      And please, don't suggest that we should use Azure Functions for this. We've got a working Proof of Concept for joining pdfs, but it shouldn't be the solution for this. A lot of users and partners will have the same issues if this is not solved. There must be tons of reasons of not doing this as an Azure function, let me know if you really need some more arguments on this than the obvious.
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      Batch printing with different Custom Report Layouts

      Suggested by Johannes WikmanNew 0
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      When printing reports that have a custom report layout that is configured per record (e.g. different custom "Sales Invoice" report layouts per Customer) the report must be printed per record (eg. per "Sales Invoice Header" record). Otherwise the custom report layout will be ignored.

      The users are getting confused by the different layouts being printed when they are printing one or several invoices.

      A solution would be (as we've solved it in the past) to change the printing of "sales invoices" (and other reports that's affected by the same scenario) so that it will only print if a single record is being printed (use SetRecFilter) and that the batch printing from the MenuSuite is a new report that is calling the other reports for one record at a time.
      But running this solution on SaaS will give us new challenges since we cannot print several reports in one go from the web client (see Idea ), so that needs to be fixed first.

      This is related to Service Request 118120519420149
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      BC / Rapid Start / Quicker Setup

      Suggested by JEAN-NOEL PATROUILLAULTNew 0
      Category: Data Migrations


      We created a rapid start package with table #81.
      We have unselect all fields with the "clear included" option.
      We checked only the followings fields : 1,51,2,3,4, 5, 38 and 76.
      We tried to change the process order for fields 38 and 76.
      in order to presever the due date, we need to populated in first the document date.
      So we are using the button "move up" in Action in order to move the field 76 upper.

      The process is very long because we manually need to repeat this action many time as needed.

      Suggestions :
      - have a shortkey for move up or down a field
      - let us modify the process order field manually
      - drag and drop the field

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      Apply Cumulative Update with setup.exe

      Suggested by XAVIER GARONNATNew 0
      Category: Financial Management


      Applying a cumulative update (either for binary and/or apps) require some skills and also powershell scripting.

      Could-you please add an option on "setup.exe" to apply a cumulative update on an existing installation with option like "/updatebinaryonly", "/updateapplicationonly" and "/updateall" ?

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      Expand External Document No. on Sales Header

      Suggested by Christian MützeNew 0
      Category: Sales


      we ran into an issue with the field length of the External Document No. (Field 100) on the Sales Header table within a Multi Tenant environment for a live customer.

      The length of 35 is not sufficient for their business. They would gain more from a length of approx 60.
      We would therefore like to suggest, to review the idea to extend the field length of this field to a text50 or text60 as we can't extend it via extensions right now.

      // Christian
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      Copy Item

      Suggested by David EmbretsenNew 0
      Category: Inventory

      It would be a really nice feature to be able to copy an existing item when creating a new item.
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      Change invoice Send From email address to email address different from Office365 primary email address

      Suggested by Erik SnyderNew 0
      Category: Sales

      When I create invoices in Office/Dynamics365 I don't seem to be able to select one of my account email aliases as the send from address. Everytime I select send from address it wants to me to log into a different Office 365 account. We have several business names with different domain names and websites that we all run through one corporation. We want the invoices to be branded with each "sub company" logo and appear to come from branded email address even if they all go into the same inbox.
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      Account Schedule - "Show Amounts Incl. Prior-Year Entries"

      Suggested by Dirk ReepsNew 2
      Category: Financial Management

      You can do your usual accounting until the last day of the fiscal year.
      When you then close the fiscal year all entries which are posted for the closed year (fiscal year closing activities) get the flag "Prior Year Entry" (field 30 in TAB17) set to true.

      It would good to have an additional filter in account schedules that allows to filter on "Prior-Year Entry" G/L Entries, like

      "Show Amounts Incl. Prior-Year Entries".
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      Error- Edit Excel Business Central

      Suggested by victor gonzalezAccepted 0
      Category: Data Migrations

      We have the field NAME 2, on the customer list. When we try to Edit in Excel, the field does not appears to edit. We need to have every fields on Excel.
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      Resynchronizing contacts after deleting them in Outlook

      Suggested by Stephan SteijgerNew 0
      Category: Sales


      I am using Dynamics 365 for Sales, with the Outlook synchronization enabled for contacts. Recently I have deleted all of my contacts from Outlook in the hopes they would resynchronize back from Dynamics 365 for Sales. However, this doesn't work.

      Even changing the personal filter, deactivating, deleting and reactivating it doesn't make a difference.

      So my idea is that contacts from Dynamics 365 for Sales will ALWAYS synchronize to Outlook, even after you have (accidentally) deleted them from Outlook.