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    Interface GP with 64-bit Outlook

    Suggested by Jeff FryeNew 2
    Category: System

    Have both clients work with 64-bit Outlook instead of having to depend on the wonky and completly inadequate GP mail client.  A lot of email capabilities related to the contacts and formatting is lost.  


    May I suggest making GP a 64-bit program if it will help.  If a solution is not doable please stop promising that GP is compatible with 64-bit Office.

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    Update eConnect

    Suggested by Sandip JadhavNew 4
    Category: Tools - eConnect

    Microsoft completely forgot about eConnect. It must need to improve add new schemas for other modules and screen.
    e.g. BOM and Manufacturing module is completely missing from eConnect.

    It is must to improve !

    Thanks much
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    Add user-defined fields to Transaction Entry

    Suggested by Wyatt BrocklebankNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    Add at least 2 text user-defined fields (at least 20 characters) to Transaction Entry (entering journal entries). This is a very common request from our clients
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    Automate FULL (multi-year) reconcile

    Suggested by Thomas GarciaNew 1
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    The GL Reconcile is a very common process that is required under many circumstances.  It is very tedious to reconcile "the right way" which is to do it one year at a time from oldest to earliest historical years first, then repeat the process for the open years.

    I think it would be very simple to have an option to execute a Full (all historical + all open years) reconcile. The related window is Financial > Utilities > Reconcile.



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    Resume Active Development of Management Reporter

    Suggested by Marc KNew 1
    Category: Business Intelligence

    Once receiving cumulative updates on a quarterly basis, now the most recent update for Management Reporter is from Feb 2017 (over 1 year ago). The messaging on the status of Management Reporter has been confusing, but it does appear that development has mostly ceased. Please reverse course on this and give Management Reporter the development resources it deserves. Financial Reporting, first via FRx and later via Management Reporter, has been an important feature in GP that should not be abandoned.
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    Support Office 365 Two Factor Authentication

    Suggested by John DunkleNew 2
    Category: System

    When a user has two factor authentication enabled in Office 365, they are unable to use email functionality from within GP. GP will continuously prompt for exchange credentials. Thus, if a user(s) need to email from GP they have to remove the two factor authentication. This could lead to some IT Security issues within the organization.
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    Update web client to allow Company based color schemes

    Suggested by David MusgraveNew 1
    Category: Web Client

    Update the web client functionality so that the Dexterity commands for changing system colors works.

    Calls to Color_SetSystemColor() and Color_ResetSystemColor() are not supported on the web client and so all the functionality offered by being able to change background colors for different companies is lost to users on the web client.

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    Add DBA Name field on Vendor Maintenance window for 1099 Vendors

    Suggested by Michael WeaverNew 1
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    Add an additional name field to the vendor maintenance window that represents the DBA information for vendors that need to report their 1099's this way. Then program the 1099 report to be smart enough to format the 1099's correctly depending on whether there is a value in the DBA name field or not.

    I have dealt with DBA 1099 reporting a number of ways over many years for many clients (e.g. modifying the 1099 report to pull in the Address 3 or contact, or creating a conditional report that prints one thing if one address ID is detected and another thing if another is detected. There are probably many other workarounds as well, however simply adding a field to track this scenario seems to me to be a simple fix that would save a lot of people a lot of time and effort modifying their 1099 reports and/or updating their vendor addresses in ways that otherwise don't make a ton of sense.

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    Replace CHAR Data Type with VARCHAR

    Suggested by Marc KNew 0
    Category: System

    Dynamics GP stores text fields using the CHAR data type. This pads the value with spaces. CHAR wastes space and introduces problems with custom reporting. We have to add RTRIM to custom queries to get rid of the extra spaces.

    Please consider converting to using VARCHAR for text fields.
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    Disable system print dialog box when printing a Word Template

    Suggested by Nicole FiskumNew 0
    Category: System

    When printing a Word Template to printer it automatically goes to the Windows default printer. This is because GP tells itself to print to Word, but cannot tell Word what printer to select.

    If it is not possible to bridge the gap between Word and GP to allow the printer to be changed from default, then it would make sense to disable this option.