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    eConnect - Purchase Order Return

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 2
    Category: Tools - eConnect

    I've seen this request a number of times for the years but each time I go to check on it, it's gone.
    It's not crazy to think that businesses need to be able to integrate returns in the same manner that they integrate receipts.
    Please provide us w/ an out of the box eConnect integrate to integrate purchase returns!
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    Fixed Assets - Purchase Window Functionality from Asset General Information Window

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

    The UX changes based on how an end-user is selecting pending purchases in the 'Asset General Information' window.

    If the user simply selects the drop-down list & select an existing purchase, they can subsequently add the class ID.

    If the user select the 'Purchase' button from toolbar which opens the pending purchases window, the user cannot 'select' those purchases unless the Class ID has already been input.

    Please provide the end-user the ability to open the purchase window, view existing purchases, select those purchases & then subsequently add the Class ID. In normal processing, the end-user doesn't know what the class ID for the purchase(s) is(are) until they view those purchases. Current process requires them to open the purchases window, close the purchases window, enter Class ID, open purchases window, select purchases.
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    Fixed Assets - FA Source Document to GL Source Document

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

    An option to pass through the 'Source Document' field in the Fixed Assets subledger to the 'Source Document' field in the general ledger would greatly enhance financial reporting capabilities.

    In Management Reporter for example, I'd be able to just reference the 'Source Document' field in the GL10000, GL20000, GL30000 tables & put together an asset schedule (Additions, Retirements, Transfers, etc.). Without the true source document in the G/L tables, we must develop this type of report using another method since only 'FA' is used as the source document currently.

    For posting options in FA, if detail were used, it simply passes through the source document. If summary were used, we'd have the option to 'summary' by source document, thus the source document could be passed through. If summary (existing option as-is) were used, the existing method of just putting 'FA' in the source document field of g/l would suffice.
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    Native PDF Support

    Suggested by Marc KNew 0
    Category: System

    In order to generate PDFs from Dynamics GP, Adobe Acrobat Pro must be installed. It's expensive, and an administrative hassle, to have to license this for users just to be able to print and email PDFs from Dynamics GP. Microsoft Word has had the ability to natively generate PDFs for years now. Additionally, Windows 10/Server 2016 comes with a Microsoft PDF printer out of the box.

    Please either implement native support for PDFs in the GP code or enable support for generating PDFs using the Windows 10 "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer so that the dependency on Adobe Acrobat can be eliminated.
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    Filing VAT in multi-currency

    Suggested by Cheryl WaswickNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    Currently the VAT reports pull from the TX30000 tax table and reports are generated in the functional currency ID. (While most users are on a UK install and have GBP as their functional currency, this won't be a problem with the new digital tax filing requirements. ) However, you can install VAT on a U.S. install, in which GBP would not be your functional currency. With the new digital tax requirement, will there be an option to file in a multi-currency ID so you can still file from a U.S. install?
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    Workflow field for who requested

    Suggested by Ryan McBeeUnder Review 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    I would like to add the field of "who requested" the new vendor to be added to workflow.
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    Integration of receivables transactions should not require setup/configuration rights

    Suggested by Bill JonesNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Receivable

    When using Integration Manager to enter receivables transactions, IM requires that the user have rights to the Accounts Receivable Setup window. However, if the user keys in the transactions, the user is not required to have rights to the Accounts Receivable Setup window. For separation of duties and to secure the system configuration, not every user should have the ability to change this window. According to tech support, the DEX code to manually key transactions has the ability to get the field value from the setup window where IM does not have this ability. Fix IM so that data entry individuals do not have to have setup rights please.
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    Fix account sort in Reporting Services Trial Balance

    Suggested by Mary Ellen DeWittNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    Account dropdowns in Trial Balance Detail and Trial Balance Summary are not sorted so that you can find the account you want. Broken in 2016 and 2018.
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    Add Tax Registration Number in Address Setup window

    Suggested by Kantilal MistryNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    Ability add Tax Registration Number in the Address Setup windows to allow multiple Tax Registration Numbers for group companies.
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    Retain the alignment settings for pre-printed forms in web client

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Web Client

    When printing a pre-printed RW reports (such as POP Purchase Order Blank Form), in web client, users are prompted for alignment if printing from Web Client. This appears as the Pre-printed form options tab in the print dialog of a thick client. When value is entered in thick client, value is saved. So the same value appears the next time. On Web Client however, this value is not retained and default's back to zero, thus a user is prompted each time in web client during the print process.