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    Dynamics GP: HAve Safepay file pull name of employee used on the payroll check, not from employee master

    Suggested by Cheryl WaswickNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    In the past, there were complaints about the Safepay file pulling the vendor's name from the vendor maintenance card, and not the actual name used on the check. So in GP 2016 R2, we added a new feature to now store the check name in the Payables table (PM30200.VNDCHNM) and directed Safepay to pull from this field instead of the vendor card. (but only was for PAYABLES checks.)

    Now we are having the same issue with PAYROLL checks, and the actual name used on the check is already stored in the payroll table (UPR30100.EMPLNAM) so half the work is already done. However, the Safe pay file is still reading from the Employee maintenance card and not pulling the actual name used on the payroll check. (This affects more than just employee's with name changes, because GP only prints a middle initial on the check, and the Safe pay file will pull the full middle name from the employee card, so can be a mismatch on many, many payroll checks.)

    Can you also direct Safe Pay to pull the employee name from the UPR30100 table for payroll checks, instead of the employee master record? Or have it truncate the middle initial just like it does when actual payroll checks print?
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    Have the ability to enter originating Intercompany transaction and see the proper MC symbol

    Suggested by Deseree KrummNew 1
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    Currently, you do have the capability to enter an Intercompany Transfer in Originating currency, but when you view the transaction in between originating and functional views, you are not seeing the proper currency symbol, even those the amounts are correct for the proper currency. We would like the ability to see the proper currency symbol in either view.