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      Add visibility to which GL accounts are inactive in a FA batch

      Suggested by Michael WeaverNew 0
      Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

      When trying to post FA to General Ledger (i.e. MDGP>>Tools>>Routines>>FA>>GL Posting), if any of the GL accounts in the batch are inactive, you cannot post and receive a message that some of the accounts are inactive.

      However, there doesn't appear to be any notification of which inactive accounts are the problem. Including the problem account(s) along with the rest of the message would be ideal. If that is not possible, then providing some other means of easily identifying the inactive accounts in the FA batch would be helpful.

      Our workaround of dumping the edit list to excel and then doing a vlookup against a list of inactive accounts wasn't too difficult, but nevertheless is a bit time consuming and should be unnecessary IMHO.

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      Ability to do Excel Copy and Paste Journals in web client

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Web Client

      Back on GP 2013 we added the ability to Copy and Paste from Excel functionality in the GL Transaction Entry Window, this was a huge request by our customers. Right now this does not work on web client, only rich client.
      The stumbling block you run into is the copying the excel data from the client machine, the server cannot access the client clipboard to paste in GP in web client. Would be nice to have this in web client.
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      Project Inv Transfer to post right through into the GL

      Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
      Category: Project Accounting


      I've discovered that there is a problem with the inventory quantities being allocated in the inventory tables if a project inventory transfer is saved into a batch and the Inventory Reconcile task is run. I therefore think that it would be excellent if the option of marking the PA Inv Trf to post through to the GL actually did that - it must post right through. I could then enable transactional posting for that PA transaction type.

      I know that standard functionality won't post right through to the GL if the entry is not saved in a batch in the sub-module, but it would be great if an exception could be made for this PA transaction type bearing in mind the issue around the stock quantities saved in a batch.

      This is my suggestion to ensure that the stock quantities are not corrupted and that the finance user does not have to manually post the batches.

      Thank you
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      Drop and Drag Images

      Suggested by Abby DahmsNew 0
      Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

      Adding the capability to drag and drop files to attach them to transactions (typically images of invoices) within the various modules of GP, specifically, the payables module rather than having to open and attach an image/file.
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      Item code browsing should present the Item Description instead of Short Descriptoin

      Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      When browsing the Item Masterfile, the 2 current fields are Item Number and Short Description. If the user wants anything different, they must click to make changes.
      I think it would be more practical for the 2 fields to be the Item Number and the Item Description. The user could then do additional clicks if they want to browse by the Short Description. The 15 characters end up being quite cryptic in many cases. The Item Description is more useful. It could be truncated after about 30 characters if necessary.
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      FIx Checkbook Register

      Suggested by Dan SaffoNew 0
      Category: Financials - Other

      The checkbook register runs very slowly after it was moved from a regular table in report writer to a temp table. The code to populate this temp table likely needs to be optimized because it takes up to 5 minutes just to run the report and I assume customers with higher volumes will take even longer.
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      Item Stock Inquiry filter by date

      Suggested by Carlos Fernández-RochaNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      The ability to filter by date range, the transactions displayed on the screen for the stock inquiry window. Right now you see the whole item history right away, and if you have 7-10 years of historical data on the item, it gets really slow.
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      Project Accounting: Add the option for a quantity in Fee Billings

      Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
      Category: Project Accounting

      When billing fees, it is often necessary to include a quantity without associating the fees with a cost transaction.  Suggestion:  add the option to bill (and budget) a quantity x rate for Fee Billings so the users don't have to waste lines in the Fee notes to add that information. 

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      Add Fixed Asset setup option to allow posting through GL

      Suggested by Windi EppersonNew 0
      Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

      Add a checkbox in the Fixed Assets setup window (or maybe Posting Setup) to allow Fixed Asset posting to post "through" GL.
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      Support Word Form is PDF Format through Web Client

      Suggested by Melissa SandrovichNew 0

      Allow Web Client to email SOP (and all other) word forms as a pdf format. Currently that setting is ignored and the forms are sent as .docx.