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      Remove SSRS update from GP Utilities upgrade path

      Suggested by Mike GiuffreNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      This has bothered me for years. When you upgrade GP using GP Utilities it automatically attempts to update SSRS. If you happen to use SSRS but don't want the standard list of GP SSRS reports watch out! The only solution I've found is to remove the GP SSRS reference path and restore it after the upgrade.

      It would be much easier if the SSRS update was it's own option on the GP Utilities menu - like creating the sample company or updating forms and reports.

      It would also be nice to know what Utilities is doing in this step and have more control. Once it's done upgrading company data and starts on this task all you see is a blank GP Utilities window until it's done. When it finds something it considers an "error" and can't deploy the reports I've had to resort to terminating GP Utilities, as clicking Cancel causes it to keep trying. If you have multiple companies this becomes a tedious set of clicks to bail on the process. It's simply easier to kill it.
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      Report Type changes to Template instead of Standard

      Suggested by Maria ModesteNew 0
      Category: Field Service - Other

      We recently began using the Field Service Call Entry Window in Web Client and the Report Type in our Terminal Server automatically changed to Template instead of Standard for all users.

      We need the Report Option to remain as Standard in the Service Call Entry Window when printed as we currently do not use a Template.

      This is a product suggestion for the next version of GP.
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      Add Default Ship To Address to Purchase Order Processing

      Suggested by Chad HundleyNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Purchase Order Processing

      Would it be possible to add a default Ship To setting for Purchase Order Processing?
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      Open the Edit Payables Transactions window to Historical payables transactions

      Suggested by Laura MurphyNew 0
      Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

      It would be helpful to be able to make changes to Historical payables transactions instead of just to Open payables. While it is likely not relevant to need to change the due date, discount date, or remit to address once the invoice has been paid, there are times when the PO Number and/or the Description needs to be corrected even after payment has been made and the transactions is moved to history.
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      Employee Address Field Limited to 22 Characters

      Suggested by Monica TerrellNew 0
      Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Payroll

      Please limit the employee address lines to 22 characters since the SSA restricts the length for W-2's.
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      Fixed Assets Bug - Unbalanced G/L Entry & Subledger

      Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
      Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

      Logged this w/ Microsoft support desk (SR # 118120319409654) but was directed here.

      There's a bug in the asset retirement window that allows a user to enter 2 lineitems of detail (say 1 line for Proceeds & 1 line for Expenses of Sale) by manually clicking into an amount field on the 2nd line.

      When retiring with this type of incorrect split, the user will receive a 'Return Code 17' error but more significantly, there will be an UNBALANCED set of G/L distributions created (which can be posted to G/L) AND creates an UNBALANCE FA00902 table which is relied on heavily for all subledger reporting.

      Outside of training, there's nothing to do from stopping users from incorrectly processing this way and the impact is significant...
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      Publish Report Scheduler reports with data

      Suggested by Jacob GilleshammerNew 1
      Category: System

      Checkbook Register report doesn't publish with any data. Other reports are seeing this issue as well. However, the Trial Balance reports still publish with data. Can print reports without issue, but publishing them to a shared folder yields a 0kb file.

      Issue is prevalent in GP2015, GP2016, and GP2018.
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      Receivables transaction entry VCR buttons do not function when you have 2 batches and the document number in the batches are not is sequence

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      When you have 2 batches and the document number in the batches are not is sequence. You open TESTB batch in the RM Batch Entry screen and then clicked on Transactions button, It opened the RM Transaction Entry window and then you change the lower left option from by Document to by Batch ID and then click on the left Arrow. At this time, when you use the VCR button the trx does not pull up, if you change it back to by document and use the VCR button it works fine.
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      Inactivate an inventory item that is part of closed MO

      Suggested by Merri GorrellNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      The PK010033 table is the Picklist File. It holds picklist details, including the status of the picklist. If an item exists in the PK010033 table, it cannot be inactivated, even if the status is "Closed" (PK010033.MANUFACTUREORDERST_I = 8). It would be nice if an item that exists on a closed picklist could be inactivated. See for more detail.
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      Purchase Order Inquiry - Item Quantity Remaining

      Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Purchase Order Processing

      Please add 'Quantity Invoiced', 'Quantity Shipped', 'Quantity Remaining', 'Quantity Returned', 'Quantity Remaining' (at least this field) to the Purchase Item Detail Inquiry Zoom window. We should be able to start w/ a Purchase Order, drill-into the lines and see more of a status than just the 'Line Item Status' which is at the bottom.