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      Multiple Tabs for Webclient

      Suggested by Shawn Dorward, MVPRejected 3
      Category: Web Client

      Add the ability to use the web client in more than one tab in the browser, at the same time.

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      Add Navigation Lists for new GL Account Approval workflow

      Suggested by Michael WeaverRejected 1
      Category: Tools - Workflow

      The newly released (with GP2018) General Ledger Account Approval workflow is a nice feature add, however it appears that the associated Navigation List is missing.

      For example in purchasing, I have a Navigation List for Vendors containing "Vendors Not Submitted" & "Vendors Pending Approval" and also have similar navigation lists for Payables Transactions, Purchase Order Transactions, Purchase Requisition Transactions, etc... However in Financial, I only have the list for General Ledger Batches and nothing for General Ledger Accounts.

      Without such a list, it is difficult to determine the workflow status of GL accounts. Please add a workflow navigation list for the new GL Account Approval workflow.