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      Update the help in GP

      Suggested by Michael WeaverCompleted 8

      Help windows in GP2018 open up as "GP2015 help".

      Noticeably missing are the features added in the last couple versions. Considering the user manuals are no longer being updated, it is difficult to find relevant documentation on current features. Are the "What's New" documents and various blogs the only documentation for GP these days?

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      Update the Dynamics GP SDK

      Suggested by Emily HCompleted 3

      This applies to many categories.

      We need the software development kit (SDK) for Dynamics GP updated!
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      1099 Information

      Suggested by Mike GilmanCompleted 1
      Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

      When you assign a vendor to be 1099 part way through the year or at the end of the year because it was forgotten, a window should pop up with all the payments for the year and let you pick the ones that should be 1099 with the appropriate amounts.