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      Make the product category property defaulting available for non Retail users

      Suggested by Conrad VolkmannUnder Review 9
      Category: Product information management

      Released Product properties can be defaulted by a selected category from the Retail hierarchy. This has recently been extended with most of the properties needed to create a released product.

      This functionality should be made available for customers that are not using the Retail configuration key and therefore cannot use the functionality.

      This approach should replace the item templates.  

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      Item Revision Control and Tracking

      Suggested by Craig PinegarUnder Review 4
      Category: Product information management

      Manufacturers and supply chains need the ability to revise products and product variants, 01, 02, A, B, C, etc., for procured and manufactured products, then plan, procure, produce, cost, transact, and stock by revision.

      A good solution might be to create an additional product variant dimension called Revision, where the revisions could be stored and tracked through D365 for Operations during the planning, procurement, production, costing and stocking of products by revision.

      Please, make this a core capability, rather than an ISV solution.

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      Explanatory messages in product configurator

      Suggested by Francesco RizzoUnder Review 3
      Category: Product information management

      When, as a consequence of a user choice, a model becomes not feasible, a generic error is displayed "The model is in contradiction". It would be very useful (almost necessary) to have some additional explanations.

      I would suggest:

      1) Show the attributes that need to be modified in order to resolve the contradiction

      2) Give the possibility to associate an user message to each constraint and, when the model is in contradiction, display the message(s) associated with the failing constraint rule(s)

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      Product Atributtes by variant

      Suggested by Hugo de JesúsUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      Product attributes are defined by category, it would be a good idea if attributes could be defined at variant level.

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      Sales and purchases default order settings by account and/or group

      Suggested by Omar DimechUnder Review 3
      Category: Product information management

      We come across requirements where the default order settings are to be configured by a group of items for a customer / vendor or group of the same.  Companies in retail / distribution create such contracts based on minimum sales / purchases for every order based on the item group (such as a specific brand) to specific groups of customers / vendors.  Furthermore lead times can be assigned to the same contracts.  The default order settings are item based and do not support configuration for group of items / customer or vendor groups.  It also takes a lot of time to configure lead time on trade agreements in case we need to work with specific lead times by vendor or customer.    This can also create configuration errors as prices need to be considered when creating such lead times.  A company which sells 1000s of SKUs finds this hard to manage.

      Would be good to have some standard function to assist in completing such a configuration which is not dependent on the trade agreements as well as enhances the default order settings setup to incorporate groups

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      Released products validation - Request to make it dynamic

      Suggested by Kurt HatlevikUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      On released products, the user can validate the product to check if all essential fields have been filled in (Item group, model group etc).

      But he actual validation is hard-coded into the class method EcoResProductValidator.isEssentialFieldValuesSet()

      It would be nice to have a more dynamic approach to validate a product, where each customer can define what is mandatory to fill inn before a product can be validated.  

      So the idea is to have a product validation functionallity where theese rules can be defined by the masterdata managers.

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      Ability to copy standard settings across companies when releasing products

      Suggested by Scott AdamsUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      When releasing a new product, the setting of all the standard fields needed takes quite a bit of time.  It would be helpful if the settings could be entered into a table and copied to each of the entities the item is released into.  In a company with 15 legal entities and the same information is entered into each released product detail time is wasted.  Standard fields being Units of measure, Item groups (if the same), Item model groups, and Production type.

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      Allow Edit in Excel for Item Coverage Records

      Suggested by Dan BurdgeUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      Creating and maintaining large sets of Item Coverage Records is tedious and difficult in standard and often the cause of customisation in Retail projects. 

      Please could we have a mechanism to edit item coverage records in Excel and across multiple items at once so users can make mass changes.

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      Distinct Default order settings for Inventory and production

      Suggested by Pierre GUILLEMOTUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      production and inventory constraints are often not the same in terms of Min/Max/Standard/Multiple quantities.

      Moreover, when using items with production type 'Formula', the 'Multiple' is to be defined on the formula itself.

      These quantities should be defined in one place and made distinct for inventory or production

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      BOM lines export to EXCEL with all BOM's of the hierarchy from BOM Designer

      Suggested by evert BosUnder Review 1
      Category: Product information management

      The EXCEL export option is available when on the BOM designer. It has three options. The third option makes sense.

       The user expects that the third option "Export BOM LINES" would result in an EXCEL with all the BOM lines (multi level).

      Nothing exports.

      We suggest strongly that this feature will be actually working.

      It is very common having a BOM in Excel for review and possible BOM Comparisons.