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    Released products validation - Request to make it dynamic

    Suggested by Kurt HatlevikUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    On released products, the user can validate the product to check if all essential fields have been filled in (Item group, model group etc).

    But he actual validation is hard-coded into the class method EcoResProductValidator.isEssentialFieldValuesSet()

    It would be nice to have a more dynamic approach to validate a product, where each customer can define what is mandatory to fill inn before a product can be validated.  

    So the idea is to have a product validation functionallity where theese rules can be defined by the masterdata managers.

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    Allow Edit in Excel for Item Coverage Records

    Suggested by Dan BurdgeUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    Creating and maintaining large sets of Item Coverage Records is tedious and difficult in standard and often the cause of customisation in Retail projects. 

    Please could we have a mechanism to edit item coverage records in Excel and across multiple items at once so users can make mass changes.

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    Distinct Default order settings for Inventory and production

    Suggested by Pierre GUILLEMOTUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    production and inventory constraints are often not the same in terms of Min/Max/Standard/Multiple quantities.

    Moreover, when using items with production type 'Formula', the 'Multiple' is to be defined on the formula itself.

    These quantities should be defined in one place and made distinct for inventory or production

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    BOM lines export to EXCEL with all BOM's of the hierarchy from BOM Designer

    Suggested by evert BosUnder Review 1
    Category: Product information management

    The EXCEL export option is available when on the BOM designer. It has three options. The third option makes sense.

     The user expects that the third option "Export BOM LINES" would result in an EXCEL with all the BOM lines (multi level).

    Nothing exports.

    We suggest strongly that this feature will be actually working.

    It is very common having a BOM in Excel for review and possible BOM Comparisons.


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    BOM Activation and de-activation button label change and notification message for action completion

    Suggested by Prashanth UmashankerUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    Activating Bill of Material Versions and De-activating them is done using the same button action. It makes it clumsy for the user to be clicking on a button labeled 'Activate' to de-activate a bill of material version. Can this label of the action button change based on the data/record selected?

    Both activation and de-activation does not produce any notification messages thus user is not clear if the action initiated is completed or not and will not be aware if he/she accidentally initiated it. Please add notification message for the above actions.

    This improvement is needed in the following forms

    Product Information Management->Bills of materials and formulas->Bill of Material->Header View->BOM Version Pane

    Product Information Management->Products->Released Products->Engineer action tab->BOM Versions/Active BOM Versions






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    Allow Edit in Excel for Retail Mass Update Work Sheet Lines

    Suggested by Dan BurdgeUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    The Mass Update Work Sheet is a very useful tool for posting validated changes to Items. Allowing users to edit the Work Sheet Lines in Excel would greatly simplify tedious tasks like updating Base Sales Prices. Users could create complex changes for 1000s of records at once whilst posting in a controlled manner.

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    Improvement to product life cycle status

    Suggested by Frank PaaskesenUnder Review 4
    Category: Product information management

    I suggest to improve the new lifecycle status on released items with some extra toggle functions on the table .

    Stopped for sales       Yes/No

    Stopped for inventory  Yes/No

    Stopped for purchase  Yes/No

    When the product lifecycle status is changed the corresponding flags  in the default order settings (all combinations) will be "overwritten"

    This will enable full control over the products accesibility in the system. If a new combination is required a new product life cycle code can be created. 


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    'Production' unit vs 'Inventory' unit

    Suggested by Pierre GUILLEMOTUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    It is currently admitted that you can purchase or sell in 'pallets' and manage inventory in 'boxes' (assuming unit conversion is setup of course)

    Why couldn't you produce or report as finished  (or even plan) in 'Units' (e.g for production convenience) and manage inventory in 'boxes' (reflecting an accounting choice most of the time) ? 

    [enforced by the fact that it seems no longer possible to perform simple maths in a 'quantity' field]

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    Units, weight measurements and physical dimensions on product variant level or similar to the new default order settings

    Suggested by Frank LiebertUnder Review 2
    Category: Product information management

    Use case perfume: one product with different units (75ml or 100ml), comparison unit does not work for that and the unit cannot be transferred to purchase order and so on

    Use case sizes with varying weights: one can expect issues with intrastat or customs declaration, when there is only a weight on the product level

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    Better Product configuration Access for constraint based products

    Suggested by Frank PaaskesenUnder Review 0
    Category: Product information management

    When a product has been configured in relation to a sales orders, the configuration details can be accessed through the sales order. This a however the only way in the system to access the configuration details.

    I my view the configurational details should be more accessible from other areas in the system e.g from the production orders or from the inventory.

    However i would like to suggest that the configuration can be accessed from the product dimension table. If the product is a contraint based product master there should be a menu item to open the "configurator".  It should even be possible to create a new configuration from this form.