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    Upload Journal lines in the inventory adjustment & transfer journal, by using ( Open in Excel ) entity

    Suggested by Alaa AbuSalahNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    I strongly need to upload journal lines & headers, with information like financial dimensions, Cost price & Cost amount and Transaction Date, for many items (bulk) to the inventory adjustment & transfer journal by using Open in Excel entity.
    I asked Microsoft support and this feature is not created yet.

    I hop to find this suggestion in the next version.
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    Setup of feasible warehouses per user

    Suggested by Frans HoogenraadNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    Through authorizations it is -theoretically- possible to restrict users to certain warehouses.
    However, with a large number of warehouses and users the drawback is:
    - lot of setup work
    - slow performance
    - not possible to grant a user
    - full access to warehouse A,
    - read access to warehouse B
    - no access to warehouse C.

    In my opinion it would be great to have a setup table "feasible warehouses per user". Preferably with authorization levels: full control, read, none.

    This should be respected at least in:
    - sales header
    - sales line
    - purchase header
    - purchase line
    - quotation header
    - quotation line
    - production order
    - production BOM
    - wave
    - load
    - shipment
    - work
    - on hand inventory
    - IC on hand inventory
    - transfer order header
    - warehouses
    - locations
    - inventory transactions

    Should be possible to setup from warehouse, and from user.
    Data area ID of the warehouse should also be part of the new table.
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    On hand screen should show the Unit of M

    Suggested by Evert BosNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    The on hand screen should show the Unit of Measure.
    One should not have to look up the unit in the inventory tab of the item.
    IT should display clearly .
    The ON hand screen that shows inventory in horizontal rows, per site/ warehouse and location.
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    Validate quality order should not allow selecting any employee

    Suggested by Arnold van WageningenNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    When a user processes a quality order, and clicks the Validate button to complete the process, he/she can select any employee in the Validate form. System does not track which user validates the quality order, so you can only see the employee selected by the user who validated the quality order.
    For auditing or tracing, it should not be allowed to set another employee in the Validate form. The employee should default to the employee linked to the current user. Only managers or administrators should be allowed to change this field manually.

    You might want to default the field to the current employee and hide it for all users except for Administrators and Managers.
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    Provisioning to enter Financial Dimension for TO WAREHOUSE in Stock Transfer Order (IND LOC)

    Suggested by Ashok Kumar Gupta EgaNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    [India Localization] - Provisioning to enter different financial dimensions for ‘TO WAREHOUSE’ while processing Stock Transfer Order.

    While processing stock transfer orders; stock transfer order form gives option to enter only 1 set of financial dimensions. Currently the one set allows/supports to enter shipping location dimension. But in most of the business cases; there is a need to enter different financial dimensions as 2 sets viz. one set for shipping location and second for receiving location for various reporting and administrative requirements.

    1: In D365 environment select legal entity as INMF (with standard demo data set)
    2: Create new transfer order from Inventory management> Outbound orders> Transfer orders> new, update from & to warehouse information
    3: Switch to Header tab and change the order type to stock transfer order
    4: Switch back to lines tab
    5: Go to line details> Financial dimensions tab

    In the financial dimension tab user has option to enter 1 set of financial dimensions which will consider for shipping location (sender) by default.

    Future ASK
    Considering the business scenarios across verticals/industries; option should be given to enter 2 different set of financial dimensions as below:
    1. Shipping location (sender)
    2. Receiving location (receiver)
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    Batch master data must be linked to product's dimensions

    Suggested by Lorenzo MigazziNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    Currently, the batch master data is linked only to the product, regardless of size, color, size, etc. for which the batch ID was created.
    This is a limitation because in order to know to which product's dimensions the batch ID is linked it is necessary to query the inbound transaction of the goods.
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    Inventory Journals Should include Released Product Name & UOM

    Suggested by Avinash NancooNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    The inventory journals should include the released product name and unit of measure. This will facilitate an easier point of reference for end users.
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    Decimal precision rounding for UOM

    Suggested by Regina MyerNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    The system allows the setting up of decimal precision rounding for UOM under: Org Admin>SetUp>Units>Units but anywhere in the system in which units are entered – the system always rounds to two sig digits (behind the decimal). When the UOM are used throughout the system (i.e. PO’s, inventory, etc) the system should look at the UOM rounding that was chosen under: Org Admin>SetUp>Units>Units and not just round everything to two sig digits.
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    Searching for item name / prduct name in various inventory reposrt

    Suggested by Dietlind HeyerNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    It is necessary to have the Option to Filter by Product Name / Item Name in On-Hand-Inventory Reports and on-Hand lists.
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    The workbench should support negative inventory

    Suggested by Ayako YamamotoNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    There are two method to create picking lists.
    One is the way to use the function of sales orders and the other is the way to use the function of picking workbench.
    However, when the inventory quantity is negative value, we can only create the picking lists by using the function of sales order.
    We wants to create picking lists by using the function of picking workbench in negative inventory situation.