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      Extend picking route status functionality to production control

      Suggested by Uwe SchlagmuellerRejected 3
      Category: Production Control

      In accounts receivable there is a parameter "Picking route status" is set to "complete" it will perform the pick as part of the "Generate picking list" function.

      A function is required on the picking list form in production orders to perform the same functionality.

      E.g. I have 70 lines on the production order and I do not want to pick each line separately.

      The business requires that all items are configured with an item model group where "picking requirement" is ticked. 

      Exceptions in the process will be handled by un-picking a line.

      The suggestion will improve productivity.

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      Option to post packingslip when receiving purchase orders on mobile device

      Suggested by Louise HermansenRejected 0
      Category: Warehouse management

      When receiving items on purchase orders using mobile device it would be nice to have the possibility to post the packingslip at the sames time as registering the items.

      Many companies use the same people in the warehouse for both steps, so it would be nice if the warehouse worker could finnish the receival proces on the mobile device in stead of having to go into D365 to post packingslip.


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      Dimension link - inventory & financial dimensions

      Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardRejected 3
      Category: Cost management


      The financial linkage functionality allows linking a single financial dimension with an inventory site. This linkage is a great feature but requires two extensions:

      First, the ability to link multiple financial dimensions to a single inventory dimensions and

      second, the ability to link financial dimensions to inventory dimensions other than sites. Especially the ability to link financial dimensions to warehouses is an often required feature from a finance & accounting perspective.



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      Customer Collaboration Workspace

      Suggested by Sachin GandhiRejected 2
      Category: Sales and marketing

      Implement a customer collaboration portal to allow customers to check on status of their orders, download quality test reports, etc. 

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      Job card device -- needs assistant functionality

      Suggested by evert BosRejected 0
      Category: Production Control

      The new Job card device in MFG execution is a winner but it is missing quite a few things the old operator terminal had.

      One of them is the "assistant" function. Two people working on the same job together.

      Although the job card device SEEMS to support it, because two names show up on the job when two operators clock in or 'start' the job, there is no functionality , there is only a route card generated for the first operator.

      We really want the assistant functionality to be available on the job card device too.

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      Allow vendor invoice corrections/adjustments

      Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerRejected 0
      Category: Accounts Payable

      The vendor invoice amount may be needed to adjust after invoice posting, i.e. after quality evaluation, additional negotiation, or complaint.

      The idea is to allow vendor invoice adjustments at least for the net amount, and also on the invoiced quantity.

      The idea is to enable an invoice adjustment that corrects the net expense/item value accordingly (not only charges as currently possible).

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      Need extensibility options for bank checks

      Suggested by Derek BakerRejected 1
      Category: Accounts Payable

      Currently, in order to create check formats for other countries, you must customize objects in the Application Suite package.  In order to meet Microsoft's initiative to have all enhancements be done as extensions, this is one of many requirements that must be extensible.

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      Consolidated batch orders with more than 1 level

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezRejected 1
      Category: Production Control

      There is a main formula than contains a packed item which has a bulk item linked to it. When using the Firm consolidated batch orders form, it only shows the packed and the bulk items but nothing about the main formula. Customer needs to firm from the main formula to the next levels (which usually are 3). Firm consolidated batch orders only shows 2 levels.
      Customer would be using the Supply schedule screen, but this shows the info about the main formula.

      Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health products company. They need to pack first and then condition the product. So the expected result is that from the top formulas, being able to firm launching automatically the Bulk items to set optimized quantities, and the consolidated batch orders to refer to the Top formulas.

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      Delete the production wave

      Suggested by Evert BosRejected 2
      Category: Production Control

      When working with production orders and advanced warehousing, one creates warehouse work when one releases the production order. But in case of shortage , no materials are available at all, no work is created at all. But the wave is. If I solve my shortage and want to release again, I get an error that there is already a wave for my prod order. I have to delete this prod wave first before proceeding. SUGGESTION: if the release to warehousing does not result in any work, do not create that prod wave either. Seems to have no sense to create this wave and then let it sit in status 'created". I can not pick up this old wave for my next release .Roll back the entire process, in other words.

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      Workspace production floor management

      Suggested by Evert BosRejected 1
      Category: Production Control

      This workspace has all prod jobs lined up in the middle. It is however bad news to find out that none of these jobs show any dates. One has to personalize but that is not enough. the production order delivery date is an absolute must in this screen. Without that the user has no idea what the date is to aim for. An urgent request to add to this grid: - delivery date of the prod order - scheduled start and scheduled finish date of the operation that the job represents.