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      Better visibility of Expense lines containing errors

      Suggested by Laurent GermesPlanned – Mid-Term 1
      Category: Expense management

      Expense Reports propose several views including some with grids and some with tiles ( group by date, group by category). We should have a setup available to change the color of expense lines/ tiles containing errors so the user can quickly identify what needs to be corrected and why, without having to go through all the lines to detect a potential error ( a reports may contain several pages). a predefined view "expense lines in error" showing only lines with some conflict would be helpful too.

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      Real Time visibility of Expense compliance with company policies

      Suggested by Laurent GermesPlanned – Mid-Term 0
      Category: Expense management

      Today the policy violations an expense line may contain appear only once you submit the expense report, which in the end may contain many lines and make the search of error really painful. Having a preview company policy violations (there is a table with such info) or a summary of messages displayed by company policies and other errors for the expense line ( instead of of expense reports) would prevent the user to create incorrect or incomplete lines and ease the Expense Management process.