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      Alerts functionality missing in Dynamics 365 for Operations

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 46
      Category: System administration

      Alerts are not on the list of deprecated features for Dynamics 365 for Operations, but they are currently not available. We've been told Alerts will be delivered at some point, but currently aren't scheduled for a specific release. We are using Dynamics 365 for Operations as a platform for building an operational construction project management solution. Alerts are a key foundational element of the solution. We initially started development using Dynamics AX2012 R3, but the Microsoft product team helped us upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Operations during the summer of 2016. Alerts were used pervasively in our AX2012 R3 solution. After the upgrade, we became aware that alerts are no longer available. We have a pilot scheduled for June 2017 and need alerts functionality. Please include alerts in the next update.

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      Automated upload of Build package to LCS

      Suggested by Victer ChristyPlanned 15
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      When the full build completes through VSTS the package should get  uploaded to the shared asset library of LCS for the subscription . So that deployment can happen to multiple environment at the same time on a click.

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      LCS: Sync up actual LCS status of cloud-hosted environments with Azure

      Suggested by Khee ChanPlanned 3
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      When the VM in a cloud-hosted environment is stopped or started in Azure (e.g. via Azure automation run books), the status of the environment is not reflected in LCS. This is causing confusion on the part of users who navigate to these environments via LCS.

      Our customer is using the automation run books to manage their Azure VMs in order to optimize their Azure run costs. The Azure management portal shows the correct status of the VMs in these environments.

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      Option to create or edit labels from the objects

      Suggested by Neha RanaPlanned 4
      Category: Development

      In D365 if we need to create a new label and assign that to Label or Help text of an item, we have to create label in the label file and then paste in the object. There is no way by which via the object properties we can create a new label or edit existing one. There should be an ability to create a new label or edit the existing one when we go through object properties where Label or help text is provided.

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      Infolog messages must support links opening related menu items (SysInfoAction)

      Suggested by Kirill VybornyPlanned 1
      Category: User Experience

      SysInfoAction support was not in the list of deprecated features, but it currently isn't available. API is still in place. Where Infolog invocation is supplied with corresponding action it has no effect in the user interface. 

      Without this feature, where certain document is created, that is serving as an input for following operation in a business process, user have to manually navigate to respective menu item and search for specific document by its identifier. Having direct link to a form pre-filtered on required document would significantly improve user experience and speed up execution of business processes, where this feature would be implemented.

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      Lead time by Vendor

      Suggested by Uwe SchlagmuellerPlanned 6
      Category: Procurement and sourcing

      In addition to the current lead time setup and calculation, a default lead time by vendor should be added to the vendor card. In several scenarios we had one vendor supplying 50K plus different products and maintaining the lead time per product is not really feasible. This is only the default vendor lead time, any other lead time calculations can stay as they are. 

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      Advanced warehousing and Purchase order receiving

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 9
      Category: Warehouse management

      The purchase receiving process has an issue. Mobile client brings the PO line to 'registered' - Nobody in warehouse or office is willing to go to each PO and individually click a "Product receipt" for the registered lines - Batch program in advanced warehousing exists to bring PO lines to "received" status using a LOAD number - So we can auto-create Loads for each PO via a parameter in Transportation - then the batch program , filtering on "inbound" and "open" load status could theoretically handle this.. all PO lines become "received" after being "registered" within a few minutes. But then we still have a Load in status 'received' which is not the final status. somebody will have to manually go to each Load (and we have one load per PO) and say "confirm inbound shipment".. and only then will the load be 'shipped' and disappear from the radar screen. No batch exists to "auto confirm inbound shipments". What can be done to streamline the PO receiving process in advanced warehousing? We would like to request a batch program that processes "registered" PO lines to "received" and also confirms the inbound shipment. There is no business added value to have that last step as a manual step

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      DEV VMs with up-to-date cross references

      Suggested by Martin DrábPlanned 1
      Category: Development

      Please rebuild cross references on the DEV VM before making it available. They currently contain references to modules that aren't included at the box (unit tests) and don't contain xRefs that should be there. For example, I had to rebuild the application to get "Find event handlers" working.

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      Number of decimals on prices

      Suggested by Herre SchopPlanned 8
      Category: Inventory management

      We see a big requirement for prices in 3 or 4 decimals. This is across the board for the purchase prices, sales prices and cost prices. The market prices and surcharges demand pricing in multiple decimals.

      The totals can remain in 2 decimals.

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      'Vendor balance list' with wrong main account

      Suggested by Maria E.Planned 7
      Category: Accounts Payable

      The report ‘Vendor balance list’ (Accounts payable > Reports > Status) display the wrong main account, if the vendor Group was changed. Then the ‘Vendor balance list’ do not display the ‘Vendor balance’ of the vendor transactions. Instead, the main account from the ‘Vendor posting profil’ will display.
      The same issue arises with ‘customer balance list’ too.