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      Shipment date on Purchase order

      Suggested by Fredrik SætreNew 16
      Category: Procurement and sourcing

      Most vendors operate with a "delivery date" being the date where the items are shipped from their site or most often based on Delivery terms. So depending on the Delivery terms (Incoterms)  the concept of delivery date changes. EXW often means a long lead time from shipment to delivery as opposed to DDP where shipment = delivery. There is a lot of misunderstanding with these concepts and that often leads to late deliveries... 

      This means we need a similar feature on shipment and delivery as on the purchase order. Most vendors assume the delivery date is their shipment dates. It is a tough sell to change this, so a feature supporting this is sorely required and something we always do for our customers.

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      Generic API for LCS

      Suggested by Stefan FrankenNew 9
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      Many tasks in Azure/365 can be automated. On.y in LCS is no chance to control with e.g. PowerShell. An API like REST would be very fine for automating LCS tasks.

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      Be able to Schedule Deployable Package installation to Sandbox/Demo Environments.

      Suggested by Mattias LindgrenNew 6
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      Be able to schedule a time for deployment of a selected Deplyable Package for Sandbox Environments and Demo environments rather than it´s being applied immediately.

      Time saving for "off hours" when its usually deployed, since you got the status emails for the environments to check up on the progress.

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      Location blocking for Inbound/Outbound

      Suggested by Nicholas CramNew 3
      Category: Warehouse management

      Could we have some sort of automation for configuration so we don't have to add extra lines to the Location directive action queries just to filter out locations that are blocked for inbound/outbound? e.g. a tick-box on Location directive actions "Use location blocking codes". Would just add a line to the query. Or alternatively a global parameter (or per warehouse) which enforces this.

      Simple but would save precious setup hours as we currently need to do this manually on ALL put actions.

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      Add charges to transfer order lines based on freight rates

      Suggested by Laura CojanNew 2
      Category: Transportation management

      The following scenario has been raised and should be considered subject to change:

      • Create a purchase order for item Y into warehouse X.
      • Receive the purchase order.
      • Crete a transfer order for item Y from warehouse X to warehouse Z. Both warehouses are warehouse-management-processes enabled.
      • In the transfer order header, select delivery terms that have the ‘Add transportation charges to orders’ parameter turned on.
      • Navigate to the load planning workbench and create a new load for the transfer order.
      • Click on ‘Rating and routing’ and open the rate route workbench.
      • Click on ‘Rate shop’ and make sure that at least one rate is returned without exceptions.
      • Select a rate and click ‘Assign’.
      • Reserve the inventory, release the load to the warehouse and perform all the transfer issue work.
      • Confirm the outbound shipment.
      • Although the following miscellaneous charges are set up, the transportation charges are not applied back to the transfer order line.

      The charges should be visible in the transfer order lines as these are visible in the purchase order lines.

      Currenlty the functionality is not as richly built in transfer order scenarios and many customer's would very much benefit from expanding this area.

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      Make #region available in X++

      Suggested by Mehrdad GhazvinizadehNew 5
      Category: Development

      It would be great to make #region ( also available in X++.

      It will make the code more readable, understandable and maintainable.


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      Extend cross company data sharing feature for more than 100 legal entities

      Suggested by Patrik LucaNew 0
      Category: System administration

      Currently the cross company data sharing feature is limited to 100 legal entities.
      Extend this, so more legal entities can be included in the sharing policy.
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      Document Routing Agent as a multithreaded service, and multiple instances

      Suggested by Rich BlackNew 1
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      The Document Routing Agent (DRA) should support multiple instances of the service on a single machine, should process multiple jobs (to different printers) in parallel, and should run as a service for precision documents.


      These are the current design constraints:

      1. The DRA currently runs as a Windows service only for documents that do not have custom margins (aka "precision documents") so this means that all precision documents must be printed through a DRA that is running as an application in a user session on a server.  If the server ever restarts, a user has to go in and manually start the DRA.

      2. Also, the DRA processes print jobs, even those to different printers, in serial, causing delays to print jobs at different locations and different printers.

      3. Additionally, only one instance of the DRA can run on a single server.

      The workaround for these constraints is to install a DRA for individual printers or locations on individual servers, and for precision documents, to run them as an application.  This is untenable for customers requiring concurrent printing capabilities for precision documents across tens or hundreds of individual locations.


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      Option to easily ad table to data log

      Suggested by Andreas MörkerNew 1
      Category: System administration

      When in any form and going to "Options - Record info" it would be a neat feature to add a button (activate data log) for easily logging the tables present within the form.

      Now it's a struggle to figure out, which tables are present in a form and then log them.
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      Document Routing Agent not usable with secure printing solutions

      Suggested by Lukas MichelNew 2
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      This refers to Premier Support case no. 117030115391796.

      As Premier Support could not give us a solution they recommended to post the idea here:

      After discussing it with Microsoft D365FO CAT team they asked me to insert my comment into this forum as well - please check Connect to find other customers facing the exact same problem as we do (and I assume that number of customers having this problem will increase in near future).

      We are trying to print documents e.g. reports directly from Dynamics 365 for Operations. The routing agent within Dynamics 365 for Operations is changing the owner of the printing document to the service account name of the sever that the printing agent is installed on making it impossible to use with a secure printing solution where a document within a centralized print queue has to be identifiable per user. The user identifies himself with a badge at the printer and can select his document to be printed out. This applies to >4'000 users across the country.

      We tried to install routing agent as a service and as an application, plus run service under a dedicated account but what we know by now from Microsoft is, that we can not configure it to work as expected within our environment.

      Please advise if Microsoft is planning to enhance the bulk printing solution for D365FO to be capable to work with a secure printing solution.