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    Add Label Printing Functionality!!!! PLEASE

    Suggested by Scott HigleyPlanned 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Many Retailers need a Label printing option from the POS. Help meet this need!

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    Override Item VAT Group at Item Variant Level

    Suggested by Edward PhillipsUnder Review 1
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Requirement: Certain territories including UK and Republic of Ireland are permitted to sell children's clothing and footwear at 0% VAT (Tax), whereas all adult sizes of the same item are standard-rated.

    As Item VAT Group can only be specified at the Released Product level, D365 does not cater for this requirement. The only workaround would be to create a separate Product Record, which would make Procurement, Sales, Reporting and Planning more complicated.

    The Item VAT Group override at Item Variant Level would also need to be considered by the POS, so the correct VAT is displayed on the receipt (sales transaction), based on the size of the item that was sold.
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    Enable Buyback scenario on Call Center / POS

    Suggested by Stephan KallusPlanned 2
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Retailers not only sell items, a part of their business is also to buy back items from customers and sell them a new replacement. This is not possible in a multi-channel Scenario, where the buy back order (item with negative quantity) is created in Call Center and completed on POS when the customer brings in the item. 

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    POS Notifications for Picking and Receiving

    Suggested by Scott HigleyUnder Review 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    New POS notifications are for customer order's are sweet but it would be nice if the same notification framework could be extended to the Picking and reciving form where Purchase orders are received and Transfer oders are shipped/received.
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    Have auto charges applied for shipping costs at CPOS/MPOS.

    Suggested by McKenzi GebhardPlanned 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Sales associates don't often know the correct shipping charges and should not have to input them manually as it works today. All of my clients have requested an automatic charge added to the sales transaction depending on the delivery method selected at the POS, this is a big need.

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    Force user to return discounted/free item while returning a Mix and Match transaction

    Suggested by Shafeeque MohammedUnder Review 3
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    When a customer returns an item that was part of a mix and match promotion, retailers want the customer to return all the items those were part of the promotion.

    For example, if items A,B,C are part of B2G1 promotion and customer got C on 100% discount. If the customer wants to return item A or B, the user should be forced to return item C as well.
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    Create and use Credit Memo in EPOS through the Store Database.

    Suggested by FOUAD MOHAMMEDUnder Review 3
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Creating and using  Retail Credit Memo (Credit Note) needs Real-time Service, when net down you can't do it and connected to Headquarter which is not possible .

    So , I suggest to add this feature:

    Create and use Credit Memo in EPOS through the Store Database and synch with HQ in the end of day.



    A lot of customers in KSA need this feature specially it's available in the other local systems.

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    Allow less than 100% cut's on POS receipts/reports

    Suggested by Kurt HatlevikUnder Review 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    When printing a receipt, or any other receiptprinter documents, the printer cut's the paper 100%. What is most common is to cut the receipt with 95%. If cut 100%, the receipt very often falls down to the floor. When cut 95% there is a small strip of uncut paper that the casher then rips of when handing the receipt to the customer.

    There are no parameters that lets us control this setting. The RetailDSK dll/class that controls this process is interop.oposPOSPrinter, and the class method is OPOSPOSPrinterClass.CutPaper(Int).

    What we need is the following :
    1. The ability to control CutPaper to 95%
    2. The ability to add extensions to this class

    We prefer no 1.

    Hardware profile is set up with OPOS printer - HP A799 printer

    Repro steps:
    Log into MPOS, and print a receipt or X-report and see that the paper is cut 100%

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    Different POS permissions per store

    Suggested by Trond DjønneUnder Review 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Workers may require different POS permissions in the different stores, but I don't see that D365 supports this. If I'm correct, this classifies as an idea, which some might think is quite good.

    This is useful in cases were a worker is hired to several positions/jobs with different pos permission groups.
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    Loyalty Point Dollar Conversions

    Suggested by Scott HigleyUnder Review 1
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Loyalty points are redeemed as a form of payment at stores. Depending on the Loyalty schemes redemption rules a specified number of points equals a certain cash value. The POS does not highlight what the cash value of the points are when looking up a customer's loyalty point balance. This would be a great feature so Associates could communicate to customers the cash value of their points!