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      Split-Bill functionallity

      Suggested by Kurt HatlevikUnder Review 21
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Split Bill is a highly requested and common function for many restaurants customers frequently request to split bill directly from the point of sales system. This feature offers a convenience to customers who wants to know the exact amount to pay for their food orders respectively. Also separate receipts are generated when the bill is split. There are different way's of splitting a bill. Like evenly divided, where all bill contains the same lines, but the amount's are divided by the number of payers. Also the most common requirement is to be able to move the transaction lines between the bills, and then separately pay them. In a restaurant we often see that some guests go before others, and want's to pay their bill before others.
      In addition to Split Bill, there is also a need of "Combine Bill" to take two sales, and combine them again.
      The Dynamics 365 Fore Retail have an enormous potential for also covering restaurant domains, and this is a key functionality for covering this domain.
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      Add Label Printing Functionality!!!! PLEASE

      Suggested by Scott HigleyUnder Review 1
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Many Retailers need a Label printing option from the POS. Help meet this need!

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      Add new products to customer orders during pick-up process

      Suggested by Steven WerbinUnder Review 1
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Currently when using the customer order functionality user are not able to add products to the transaction at the time of customer pickup. These order are also locked in the order fulfillment screen from editing once the picking process has been completed.

      This makes it difficult to up-sell customers with items that are available within the store as it would be a time consuming process put the order back into edit mode before processing pick up

      In the same fashion that functionality was added for customers to be able to carry-out items when the transaction is being created, users should be able to add additional products at the time of pick up for items that can be carried out of the store.

      Any new items added to the transaction at this time will have the delivery method of customer carry-out selected and could then be processed under the same payment transaction if needed.
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      Override Item VAT Group at Item Variant Level

      Suggested by Edward PhillipsUnder Review 3
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Requirement: Certain territories including UK and Republic of Ireland are permitted to sell children's clothing and footwear at 0% VAT (Tax), whereas all adult sizes of the same item are standard-rated.

      As Item VAT Group can only be specified at the Released Product level, D365 does not cater for this requirement. The only workaround would be to create a separate Product Record, which would make Procurement, Sales, Reporting and Planning more complicated.

      The Item VAT Group override at Item Variant Level would also need to be considered by the POS, so the correct VAT is displayed on the receipt (sales transaction), based on the size of the item that was sold.
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      Enable Buyback scenario on Call Center / POS

      Suggested by Stephan KallusUnder Review 2
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Retailers not only sell items, a part of their business is also to buy back items from customers and sell them a new replacement. This is not possible in a multi-channel Scenario, where the buy back order (item with negative quantity) is created in Call Center and completed on POS when the customer brings in the item. 

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      POS Notifications for Picking and Receiving

      Suggested by Scott HigleyUnder Review 0
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      New POS notifications are for customer order's are sweet but it would be nice if the same notification framework could be extended to the Picking and reciving form where Purchase orders are received and Transfer oders are shipped/received.
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      Default Sales Rep to Cashier when available based on POS functionality profile setup

      Suggested by Ramune PeckyteUnder Review 0
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Currently, Sales representative prompt the first from the list but not the 'Default to cashier when available' as per POS functionality profile setup.

      In a large store setup, the sales rep list would be a very long one (50-100 Sales Reps) and quick check out is of the essence; It would really help to make the check-out process quick, efficient and accurate on the till. Based on the current functionality profile setup available for Sales Rep, this could be achieved by defaulting the Sales Rep to the cashier logged in on POS, with the ability to select another Sales Rep or no Sale Rep at all as required, as opposed to selecting the right Sales Rep from the long list for every transaction.
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      Have auto charges applied for shipping costs at CPOS/MPOS.

      Suggested by McKenzi GebhardApproved 0
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Sales associates don't often know the correct shipping charges and should not have to input them manually as it works today. All of my clients have requested an automatic charge added to the sales transaction depending on the delivery method selected at the POS, this is a big need.

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      Add Dual Display Designer to Screen Layout Designer

      Suggested by Steven WerbinUnder Review 1
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      In D365 the customer facing dual display screen only only shows the "Amount Due" field. Previously in AX2012 showed the fields in the receipt grid on this display.

      Currently customers can extend the fields as shown in the following article

      But it would be much simpler for end users to be able to manage this through a designer similar to the screen layout designer and not need to go to a development team or partner to manage for them
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      Force user to return discounted/free item while returning a Mix and Match transaction

      Suggested by Shafeeque MohammedUnder Review 3
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      When a customer returns an item that was part of a mix and match promotion, retailers want the customer to return all the items those were part of the promotion.

      For example, if items A,B,C are part of B2G1 promotion and customer got C on 100% discount. If the customer wants to return item A or B, the user should be forced to return item C as well.