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    Add Label Printing Functionality!!!! PLEASE

    Suggested by Scott HigleyPlanned – Long-Term 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Many Retailers need a Label printing option from the POS. Help meet this need!

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    Enable Buyback scenario on Call Center / POS

    Suggested by Stephan KallusPlanned – Long-Term 2
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Retailers not only sell items, a part of their business is also to buy back items from customers and sell them a new replacement. This is not possible in a multi-channel Scenario, where the buy back order (item with negative quantity) is created in Call Center and completed on POS when the customer brings in the item. 

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    Force user to return discounted/free item while returning a Mix and Match transaction

    Suggested by Shafeeque MohammedNew 3
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    When a customer returns an item that was part of a mix and match promotion, retailers want the customer to return all the items those were part of the promotion.

    For example, if items A,B,C are part of B2G1 promotion and customer got C on 100% discount. If the customer wants to return item A or B, the user should be forced to return item C as well.
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    Create and use Credit Memo in EPOS through the Store Database.

    Suggested by FOUAD MOHAMMEDEvidence Gathering 3
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Creating and using  Retail Credit Memo (Credit Note) needs Real-time Service, when net down you can't do it and connected to Headquarter which is not possible .

    So , I suggest to add this feature:

    Create and use Credit Memo in EPOS through the Store Database and synch with HQ in the end of day.



    A lot of customers in KSA need this feature specially it's available in the other local systems.

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    Have auto charges applied for shipping costs at CPOS/MPOS.

    Suggested by McKenzi GebhardPlanned – Long-Term 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    Sales associates don't often know the correct shipping charges and should not have to input them manually as it works today. All of my clients have requested an automatic charge added to the sales transaction depending on the delivery method selected at the POS, this is a big need.

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    POS Notifications for Picking and Receiving

    Suggested by Scott HigleyNew 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    New POS notifications are for customer order's are sweet but it would be nice if the same notification framework could be extended to the Picking and reciving form where Purchase orders are received and Transfer oders are shipped/received.
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    Return to original tender

    Suggested by Andrew NewnhamNew 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    a large number of customers are expecting the POS device to at least show the original tenders when completing a return from receipt at POS.

    It is a difficult issue to resolve, as you can have multiple lines and multiple payments on an order.

    However, some thought should be given into at least being able to see the original tenders from the sale.

    It is difficult as you do not know when the transaction has been completed (i.e. the customer could be completing an exchange) so you do not know when to raise the prompt. Maybe at the point the user selects a payment method, if the total of the transaction is a negative value (payment back to the customer), and the return is from a receipt, the POS should prompt that the original payment was made in 'XYZ' of a way - I.e. paid on card number ending 4465.

    The exact process flow requires some serious thinking about, and needs a manager override at the least. But a lot of customers expect this functionality.
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    Being able to choose loyalty program at POS

    Suggested by Anders DahlinEvidence Gathering 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    When you issue a loyalty card you would need the option to choose loyalty program at the POS. 

    A company might have several loyalty programs where the first tier doesn't require any points. 

    Today if you issue from the POS the customer gets all programs. We need the possibility to select a specific program.

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    Matrix for inventory lookup without variants in POS

    Suggested by Eva ÄrlebrandNew 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    We wish to have the same functionality for items without variants as items with variants regarding inventory lookup from Product details view in POS (inventory matrix).
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    Option to switch between LINEBREAK and ENTER for info codes

    Suggested by Florian MückeNew 0
    Category: Store Operations and POS

    With the latest version of MPOS/CPOS the input behavior of the info codes have changed. Previously, hitting enter did complete the entry, and in case you've had related info codes, the next code input has been triggered.

    Now, if you hit enter, a line break is created and you need to navigate to the OK-button in order to be able to proceed with your sales process. This is prolonging the process tremendously in case you use info codes a lot during your sales process.

    Suggestion would be to implement a parameter to control this behavior. Either in general, turn on /off linebreak instead of proceeding with the info code entry and even have a parameter on the info code itself to override the general setup.